The Complete Test Preparation Programme

This Programme is designed for students who aim to enter a university or college in Malaysia and abroad. It combines the popular Certified Intensive English Programme (CIEP) and an IELTS Test Preparation Programme. This Programme will quickly develop your English language proficiency and introduce you to the IELTS test through practice as well as lessons on test-taking tips and strategies.

Who should take this programme?

International students.

From 1st January 2018, all international students seeking to join a university or college in Malaysia must meet the English language requirement:

For Bachelor’s Degree Programmes and Above For Diploma Programmes
CAE 160 CAE 160
CPE 180 CPE 180
PTE 36 PTE 30
MUET Band 3 MUET Band 2

How does this work?

First, students will join the CIEP to complete a minimum of Level 107 in the Programme. International students under ELS visa who graduate Level 109 in this programme will also enjoy a test fee waiver* on their IELTS test. Next, students will begin the 40-hour IELTS test preparation programme across 2 weeks.

*T&C applied.

The Complete Test Preparation Programme

At ELS, we are ever ready to help students achieve their higher education goals and the Complete Test Preparation Programme will ensure that international students gain admissions into the universities and colleges of their choice in the fastest way possible – and succeed in their undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.


Every Monday Except Public Holidays

Public Holidays

2019 Public Holidays (Observed by ELS Malaysia)
Month Date Day National or State Holidays
Jan 1 Tuesday New Year's Day (SJ & UPM)
21 Monday Thaipusam
Feb 1 Firday Federal Territory Day (KL only)
5 Tuesday Chinese New Year (Day 1)
6 Wednesday Chinese New Year (Day 2)
Mar 23 Saturday Sultan of Johor Birthday (JB only)
May 1 Wednesday Labour Day
6 Monday Awal Ramadan (JB only)
22 Wednesday Nuzul Al-Quran (SJ & UPM)
Jun 5 Wednesday Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Day 1)
6 Thursday Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Day 2)

No IELTS 16 hours IELTS 40 hours
1 12th Jan – 02nd Feb 07th – 18th Jan
2 16th Feb – 09th Mar 11th – 22nd Feb
3 16th Mac – 06th Apr 11th – 22nd Mar
4 13th Apr – 04th May 08th – 19th Apr
5 11th May – 01st Jun 06th – 17th May
6 15th Jun – 06th Jul 10th – 21th Jun
7 13th Jul – 03rd Aug 08th – 19th Jul
8 10th – 24th Aug 05th – 19th Aug
9 14th Sep – 05th Oct 10th – 24th Sep
10 12th Oct – 02nd Nov 07th – 18th Oct
11 16th – 30th Nov 04th – 15th Nov
12 07th – 28th Dec 02nd – 16th Dec

Month Date Day
January 19 Saturday
February 23 Saturday
March 23 Saturday
April 27 Saturday
May 18 Saturday
June 29 Saturday
July 27 Saturday
August 24 Saturday
September 28 Saturday
October 26 Saturday
November 23 Saturday
December 14 Saturday
What’s the CIEP?

The Certified Intensive English Programme is the flagship academic English programme by ELS. It is designed to teach students all of the English language skills required to succeed in higher education and beyond. Click here to find out more about the CIEP.

Can I just take the IELTS Test Preparation Programme?

Yes, you can! However, all test preparation programmes focus on teaching you the strategies and skills in taking the test – not necessarily improving your English language proficiency. This means that you may not be able to achieve an IELTS Band 5.5, for example, despite taking the test preparation programme alone.

Most of our students take the CIEP, which improves their English language proficiency first before taking the test preparation programme to learn more about the IELTS test.