Videos don't lie. Find out what they say about learning English at ELS Malaysia.

Siti Amirah (MRSM Kuala Krai)
ELS Student Testimonial – Vu Danh Tuyen (Vietnam)
ELS Student Testimonial – Nguyen Thiinh Phuong (Vietnam)
ELS Student Testimonial – Vu Duy Thanh (Vietnam)
ELS Student Testimonial – Bui Ba Hieu (Vietnam)
ELS Student Testimonial – Nguyen Duc Thong (Vietnam)
ELS Student Testimonial – Ahmad Hilmi (MRSM Kuala Krai)
ELS Student Testimonial – Nurlizatielain (MRSM Kuala Krai)
ELS Student Testimonial – Wan Shahriezi (MRSM Kuala Krai)
ELS Student Testimonial – Amsyar (MRSM Kuala Krai)
ELS Student Testimonial – Noraisyahtul (MRSM Kuala Krai)
ELS Student Testimonial – Nurul Halwani (MRSM Kuala Krai)
ELS Student Testimonial – Nor Shahira (MRSM Kuala Krai)
ELS Student Testimonial – Aizat (MRSM Kuala Krai)
ELS Student Testimonial – Syafiq (MRSM Kuala Krai)

Our students from all around the world have nothing but good things to say about us, but don’t take our word for it – read what they have to say for yourself!

feng kai

ELS has made English a part of my life, now and forever.

- Feng Kai
idil houssein djama

I like how the LTC and ELS teachers helps us review our daily lessons.

- Idil Houssein Djama
hawa abdillah ali

An organised school with good administrative system and committed teachers.

- Hawa Abdillah Ali
halo mohamed ibrahim

ELS is a friendly environment to learn English.

- Halo Mohamed Ibrahim
ayoe ameilia

I feel right at home here in Malaysia and I will definitely recommend ELS to my Indonesian friends!

- Ayoe Ameilia
amir hossein shanhagi

At ELS, I get a quality programme, committed teachers, an international environment. It’s like a ‘family’ feeling.

- Amir Hossein Shanhagi
nazanin soltani

I find the teachers here at ELS friendly and helpful.

- Nazanin Soltani
pouya nasserifar

I enjoy studying at ELS because of its qualified teachers and up-to-date facilities.

- Pouya Nasserifar
arian shojaei shahram

Not only have I learnt English skills at ELS, I’ve gained valuable friends from diverse cultures too!

- Arian Shojaei Shahram
miku matsumoto

I enjoyed studying at ELS, thanks to the dedicated teachers and kind classmates. At first I couldn’t speak English but after relating my stories I gradually improve my English and I am now not afraid to speak English. My one month experience at ELS is memorable to me.

- Miku Matsumoto
ryo taniwaki

At ELS, I have come to learn the foundation of the English language and how to use words in the right context.

- Ryo Taniwaki
yujiro takano

Studying in Malaysia is great! I love Malaysian food, especially satay.

- Yujiro Takano
ishii seika

My first expression of class was that everybody was active and speaking aloud like elementary school kids in Japan. All the students in our class were adult, but they are really eager to learn. I was really surprised. And I understood that that eagerness in studying is most essential. From them, I learned the importance of being like a “kid” in terms of learning.

- Ishii Seika
matsuda yume

My studying at ELS was very exciting because my classmates are friendly and teachers were very kind. Actually, I hope I could talk with them more in English. I should have studied hard before this trip. I have had very good time for three weeks.

- Matsuda Yume
shinora miyuki

First and foremost, I got the courage to talk with people who come from abroad. Because there are little opportunities to communicate with them in Japan, I was really nervous at first. However, soon I could feel relax at ELS. The teachers and classmates are so kind and friendly! Second, I knew a lot of differences about culture. Since more than half of students are from the Middle East such as Iraq and Iran, which are unfamiliar to Japanese people, the stories they told to me were interesting. For example, I didn’t know that Iraqi and Iranian use the same word which means something quite different to each. Third, I learned how to study English. When a new word appears, everyone tried to explain the meaning in English using their own words. It helped me not only increase my vocabulary but also how to speak English. I am also used to using an English-English dictionary. After I go back to Japan, I will try to use many words which I learned from Ms. Anita and Mr. Steven and I will try to find someone with whom I talk in English! If I cannot find anyone, I use mirror – Ms. Rachel told me to do so! Thank you for everything! Mr. Steven, Ms. Anita, Ms. Rachel and my classmates in 108, arigato!

- Shinora Miyuki
hirano yuko

I had a good experience in ELS in many points. Firstly, our teachers taught us hard and kindly, so I enjoyed studying English. Secondly, my friends are so kind that they always helped me and talked to me. I was so glad to meet and talk with people from different countries. Finally, I could find what I should do after I go back to Japan. Thus, I’d like to keep studying English to communicate with many people better.

- Hirano Yuko
tomomi miyazaki

These three weeks are a good experience for me. Teachers are very helpful. Reading Writing teacher, Joanna, checked my e-mail draft and corrected my mistakes. Through her help, I could attend extra lectures of my faculty. My classmates are very kind. They tell me about their countries. So now, I am interested in their countries and cultures.

- Tomomi Miyazaki
ikawa natsumi

There are three good points to attending ELS classes. First, the way of teaching is very good. I can understand it easily. Next, the OGA’s are nice beacause I can know if I understand or not. Then, I can make foreign friends. Classmates come from many countries, so I can talk with them. I really enjoyed it. I’m so glad to have ELS class. Thank you very much!

- Ikawa Natsumi
motoi ryuichiro

In Subang Jaya ELS, there are students who are from Malaysia, China, Russia, and Yemen. We also have teachers from America, the UK, Malaysia, and Singapore. Therefore, I experienced many different viewpoints. As a result of this, by studying in ELS, not only have my English skills improved, but also my view became wider. It is no exaggeration that ELS is superior to other English schools.

- Motoi Ryuichiro
masashi yamada

I would like to tell you my experience at ELS. First of all, I really enjoyed classes at ELS. I met lots of people coming from other countries and I made friends with them. I am especially happy to make friends with Korean students. Today, there are many political conflicts between Japan and Korea but I know that all of my Korean friends strongly desired for good relationship between Japan and Korea. Second, I got confidence in speaking and listening to English through ELS classes. I did a lot of discussions in classes. At first, it was difficult to tell them what I wanted to say. However, as time passed, I got to know how to tell my opinion and my classmates understood me. It was a good experience for me. Thank you teachers and staffs at ELS. I was happy to join ELS.

- Masashi Yamada
ryo kamiyama

My class 106A taught me how important it is to talk with others more actively. I will study English as not only a communication tool but also to increasing options in my life. I appreciate your kindness.

- Ryo Kamiyama
oji nakamura

10 days was too short but it was a meaningful and productive period. I learned and found a lot of things in this programme. I noticed the difference of speech of various countries. ELS has many students from different countries, so the more I talked with them, the more I learned about their cultures. In addition, I have become a more positive person. In my class there were people speaking Arabic or Chinese, they joined discussion and spoke their opinions actively. From that I have learned to express my ideas better. I’m really grateful to all teachers for supporting us. Moreover, I would like to thank you for making contact with the laboratories. This will be helpful when we study in Japan. Thank you for everything!

- Oji Nakamura
atsuya nakamura

I had a great time and new experiences! I was impressed that my classmates were very active during lessons, they asked teachers what they didn’t understand until they were satisfied with the answers. Moreover, I was satisfied with the quality of the class. I have learned many useful skills at ELS. For example, I learned how to write an essay. It helps me to express my opinions better than before. Thank you for everything!

- Atsuya Nakamura
taichi sugiyama

I had great experiences in ELS. It was the first time I took lectures in foreign countries. To tell the truth, before taking lectures, I was very worried whether I could get along well. But all the teachers were very enthusiastic and answered my questions clearly. Moreover, classmates were absolutely friendly. I could talk a lot with teachers and my classmates from various countries. ELS helped me realised that learning English is fun! Thank you for having me for 2 weeks!

- Taichi Sugiyama
nao yamanishi

Thank you for having us for two weeks. It was a nice experience. The teachers were well prepared for lessons and lead us to think deeper. They taught us not only English but also how to discuss with others and make a conclusion for each topic. I really like culturally mixed classes. The students respect each other even though we have many differences. I also really appreciate the activities organized by UPM. It was sometimes hard to talk to the UPM professors because they use terms I didn’t know. But they were so kind to explain many things and show us around. Thank you again.

- Nao Yamanishi
midori uenohara

My 2 weeks in ELS was the richest period in my life. The most prominent thing I learned is that English is just a tool of communication. At the ELS lecture, students are required to have discussion with each other. Although I have studied English for 7 years, I didn’t have the chance to use English. Apart from that, I learned a lot about other cultures and to respect them. If I didn’t go to ELS, I couldn’t learn such things. I will study hard, get a high score of TOEFL and come back Malaysia again. Thanks a lot.

- Midori Uenohara
risa ikeda

Thank you very much for your lessons and hospitality in Malaysia. I had worried about English lessons before going to Malaysia but I found it enjoyable. Communicating with various foreign people gave me motivations for studying English harder. I will continue studying English in Japan.

- Risa Ikeda
mayu kuniyuki

It was a good experience to learn English with many foreigners. I realised that any other country’s students are active in the class compared to Japanese students. I want to be able to speak English more. Anyway, I was very glad because I could make many foreign friends. My goal for 6 months studying abroad is to be able to tell others my opinion correctly. I appreciate this opportunity. Thank you so much.

- Mayu Kuniyuki
shoko mineki

I appreciate all your help for this term. Until I came to ELS, I hadn’t talked with people from Iraq, Libya, Thailand and so on. This experience taught me a lot such as there are a lot of people who have different cultures. However I wish I could have talked with Malaysian. I hope I will go to UPM in the future

- Shoko Mineki
seita fujii

When I first came to ELS, I was anxious to study because of my listening, speaking and writing skills. My teacher suggested that I needed to speak more with not only students but also foreigners in the city. It was exhausting but effective for me eventually. Never did I speak English when I lived in Japan, but I speak English every day in ELS. I strongly recommend that students go to ELS because the teachers are kind and generous. If you want to improve your English skills, you should come to ELS!

- Seita Fujii
sayaka shibata

At ELS Language Centre, we can improve the 4 skills in English; reading, writing, listening and speak. With the help from the teachers and classmates I improved my vocabulary. I will never forget my time at ELS Malaysia.

- Sayaka Shibata
shinichiro amada

It was a great experience studying at ELS UPM. During my Reading and Writing classes and Structure Speaking Practice I am taught how to write good essays and learnt contraction English which will help me in University. Learning English at ELS gives me confidence in my daily communication.

- Shinichiro Amada
tafuku sayaka

When I joined an ELS class for the first time, I felt very nervous because I’m shy. But teachers and other students were very kind to me, so I was happy and enjoyed classes. I think, the more I studied at ELS, the better my English skill became. I enjoyed all of ELS! Thank you so much.

- Tafuku Sayaka
mahiro gomi

It was only three weeks, but I had many good experiences in ELS. The class in English is good for me. I could improve my speaking and listening skills. In addition, I could make good friends from various countries. I’m happy to join ELS. Thank you very much!

- Mahiro Gomi
aldagarova ilzira

The teachers at ELS aim to get all their students to understand and love the English language.

- Aldagarova Ilzira
suyerbayeve diana

I love Malaysia! This country is modern and the people are so friendly and welcoming!

- Suyerbayeve Diana
baizhan almazbekov

The teachers here are excellent! They use different and interesting ways to guide us.

- Baizhan Almazbekov
radmila kaliyeva

Besides having fun learning English at ELS, I am having an amazing time living in Malaysia.

- Radmila Kaliyeva
omarova dina

I have never written English essays before and ELS has taught me how to write properly!

- Omarova Dina
choi hyun woo

My friends from different countries have opened my eyes to things I never knew and I love them!

- Choi Hyun Woo
kim hye lim

I’m able to improve my English proficiency skills within a short span of time.

- Kim Hye Lim
lee joon seok

There is a wide variety of different cultures at ELS.

- Lee Joon Seok
ali mohammed altaher

I enjoyed class with my classmates and my teachers. All my teachers teach very well and I like them very much.

- Ali Mohammed Altaher
aymen. m. a. shadi

I couldn’t speak much English initially, but after 6 months at ELS, I can now have great conversations with people around me!

- Aymen. M. A. Shadi
tea zi kang

ELS is a really good place for learning English. It gives me a lot of opportunities to meet foreign friends and learn about foreign cultures. In addition, the teachers are very helpful and friendly. The teaching methods in ELS are really fascinating. I enjoy learning English in ELS. Thank you, ELS!

- Tea Zi Kang
eric lim zhong hong

To me, ELS is not just about learning English, it’s about building up my confidence in public speaking!

- Eric Lim Zhong Hong
tan hong sen

I find the teachers here at ELS knowledgeable, committed, serious and humorous.

- Tan Hong Sen
arnold yong cheng yee

The teachers and friends I met at ELS make learning English so welcoming!

- Arnold Yong Cheng Yee
choi yan how

Studying in ELS is really an unforgettable experience in my life, since I have never spoken English before.

- Choi Yan How
parice then lih yiing

I studied at ELS Subang Jaya from 2nd January 2014 to 30th May 2014, after which I transferred to Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) at USA to complete my Engineering Bachelor degree. I had made a good choice by choosing to study English at ELS because I have improved so much in my English proficiency, especially in my speaking skills. In addition, the teachers at ELS are professional and very patient. I am extremely grateful to ELS for opening the doors of opportunity for me to develop my English proficiency and further my studies at USA.

- Parice Then Lih Yiing
au yong jia wei

My experience in ELS was scintillating. Although I only spent 2 months in ELS, I benefitted from the teaching in ELS. The classes were really fun as well. Teachers not only teach according to the syllabus, but they also communicate and talk with the students. It is really good to talk about world politics and social issues with friends as well as teachers.

- Au Yong Jia Wei
ho zhi yee

The main reason I came to ELS was to prepare for my studies overseas. As a student from a Chinese Independent High School, seldom do I speak English. Therefore, I have made a wise decision to study in ELS. ELS not only provides me an environment to speak English but also to improve my grammar and writing. All my teachers are friendly, dedicated and professional. They will always encourage me to speak my opinions. After studying in ELS for one month, both my skills and confidence have improved. As such, it is vital that we need professional teachers to guide us. I am delighted to have an amazing experience in ELS.

- Ho Zhi Yee
minori ota

ELS is an exciting place. We can meet various students from Arabic countries, Chile, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia and many more. Not only can we get used to several accents but also know different cultures. I believe this may be an important experience in today’s world. Moreover, sometimes interesting events are held. We can go to the beach and attend some parties with fantastic people. We have many chances to make new friends in and out of the classroom.

- Minori Ota
choy chern yuen

CIEP is not only a great and useful course but also an enjoyable one. As a 109 student, I strongly recommend SSP class because it really improves and strengthens one’s grammar. Before I enrolled in ELS, I thought my grammar was decent. The teachers very kind and pleasant, they help the students all the time. I never felt confused thanks to the explanations of the teachers. Thank you ELS.

- Choy Chern Yuen
rakjesh paaren

Although I have only been here for one term, I have been given the chance to meet new friends from different parts of the world. I can say in my own words that “CIEP offered in ELS is a beneficial and amazing way to brush up one’s English skills for university.

- Rakjesh Paaren
fong kah chun

There are many good teachers in ELS, especially Teacher Anita, Teacher Gary, and Teacher Sylvia. Their teaching skills are good, and they make the class really fun. ELS is a really good place for learning English, and it has really helped me a lot.

- Fong Kah Chun
byambajav yura

Hi, It’s been a pleasure to be in Malaysia. I’m very happy to study in ELS. I’m pleased with the amount of English that I have managed to learn during this short period.

- Byambajav Yura
batzorig namsraidagva

When I first come to ELS my English was very poor. But after studying in ELS I learned (Elementary) English. I’ll continue my studies. I thank ELS teachers and staff for giving me my primary English knowledge. I wish you all the best of health.

- Batzorig Namsraidagva
munkhtur gunjid

Thank you very much for helping me study English. I like the method of teaching. If there is a chance to come back, I’ll come to ELS to continue!!! Thank you very much!!

- Munkhtur Gunjid
erdenebold tserendorj

ELS Language Centre is the best language center. The teachers are very good. They teach their lessons very nicely. They are dependable and helpful.

- Erdenebold Tserendorj
burenjargal baasandorj

I think, my English knowledge improved well because ELS is a good school.  I like all my teachers. They are very good teachers.

- Burenjargal Baasandorj
morozov yevgeniy

It was an honor for me to study in ELS. I have studied here for seven months and I have improved my English a lot. Experienced teachers know how to find an individual way for every student which makes the whole ELS system extremely effective. Moreover, I met a lot of new friends from different parts of the world, and during these seven months, we became one big international family. It was a nice experience and I hope I will come to Malaysia again to see my teachers and take my family to the breathtaking Malaysian islands.

- Morozov Yevgeniy
inna stepanenko

I gained a unique cultural experience at ELS.

- Inna Stepanenko
alfuhaid habib mohammad h

My ELS homework and assignment help me understand and improve faster

- Alfuhaid Habib Mohammad H
lee sanghun

It was a very good experience for me to attend ELS. I met a lot of students from other countries and shared many diverse ideas with them. Furthermore, the teachers in ELS are very kind and enthusiastic. Studying in ELS is a good opportunity for students to study English and understand other people and their cultures.

- Lee Sanghun
kwon hyeon

It was really fascinating to be here in ELS Subang Jaya for three months. I have met so many nice people in ELS. I really love the programme related to grammar and speaking. I can feel that my fundamental English skills have improved more than ever and now I am confident in speaking and writing English.

- Kwon Hyeon
hae min kim

The learning environment here is very much like in an international school where you get to meet people from around the world!

- Hae Min Kim
shin ji eun

The ELS teachers made English learning fun and easy! I get to pick up useful English phrases from them on a daily basis.

- Shin Ji Eun
ehssan hassan mohamed ahmed abdalla

I can see a big difference, especially in my writing skills even though I have only studied in ELS for one month.

- Ehssan Hassan Mohamed Ahmed Abdalla
mohamad abbas altayb yousif

My time here at ELS is by far the best few months of my life!

- Mohamad Abbas Altayb Yousif
elhassan gubara abdalla

My English has improved after a month’s study at ELS, especially in vocabulary. During my stay here, I also joined the summer camp which was great fun. Everybody was really friendly towards me.

- Elhassan Gubara Abdalla
sahar ahmed abdella ela wad

The student counsellors were really helpful when I first arrived at ELS. It was also very nice to meet the teachers and new friends. I will miss them when I go home.

- Sahar Ahmed Abdella Ela Wad
waleed almwaldi

My teacher asked “If you had to describe ELS in two words, what would you say?” My answer was “The best.” Since I came to Malaysia and started studying at ELS, it has been the best experience I’ve ever had. Getting to know people from different cultures is priceless. For me, I recommend ELS to all my friends who want to study English in Malaysia.

- Waleed Almwaldi
warat benjavasukul

I gained confidence in switching from my own language to English safely without fear.

- Warat Benjavasukul
salmar bagebouge

Teachers at ELS are always friendly and helpful.

- Salmar Bagebouge
nawaf al-nahdi

First of all, I would like to thank all of the teachers who have suffered to educate ELS students. Thank you for every moment we shared and every hassle you have helped us solve. I have been studying here for five months, and through this period, I have obviously experienced not only educational experiences but also communication experiences.

- Nawaf Al-Nahdi
abdulrahman mohammed

I have learned not only English in ELS, but also some cultural differences, such as traditional clothes and food. I have also met a lot of foreign friends with whom I’ve had so much fun. Finally, I would like to say thank you to all of the teachers who have taught me. I will never forget the memories made in ELS.

- Abdulrahman Mohammed
tareq mohammed fadhel abofadhe

I’m proud to say, after 8 months of studying at ELS, I can now write anything in English without any limitation!

- Tareq Mohammed Fadhel Abofadhe
noha ahmed ali al-shibri

I find the multi-media learning programme informative and extremely useful.

- Noha Ahmed Ali Al-Shibri
bilal diab saad mourshed

All ELS teachers and staff are cheerful and helpful.

- Bilal Diab Saad Mourshed
hesham mohammed omar bagunaid

Besides a quality programme, ELS also provides fun student activities.

- Hesham Mohammed Omar Bagunaid