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ELS Sponsors YSS-ASEAN Students Volunteer Mission

100 student volunteers will participate in YSS-ASEAN Students Volunteer Mission to Tawau, Sabah from 28th July to 12th August 2016. They will be located in 5 areas in Tawau District; Kampung Serudong Baru, Kampung Bukit Quoin, Kampung Tass Zon Andrassy, Kampung Kuala Nansang, Flat Sri Titingan as we... Continue reading

ELS Awarded Malaysia Language Centre Company of the Year Award by Frost & Sullivan

ELS Malaysia’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Puan Sri Datin Hajjah Aisha bt Hj Shamsuddin receiving the award from Manoj Menon, Senior Partner and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan.   KUALA LUMPUR, 14TH APRIL 2016 – We are pleased to announce that ELS Language Ce... Continue reading

Japanese Students in Kuala Lumpur

ELS Subang Jaya hosted a group of Japanese students aged 14 to 17 years old in the month of August 2015. These students signed up for the Holiday English Programme whereby they not only had a fun time learning English in our Certified Intensive English classes but also tasted many of Malaysia’s lo... Continue reading


JOHOR BAHRU, 28th JUNE 2015 – In a special presentation organised by the Ministry of Education, ELS was awarded the prestigious 5-Star Quality Standards Award for Private Education Institutions (SKIPS). The award was presented to ELS Centre Director, Ms. Chee Yun Wah, by the Director of the Educat... Continue reading

Putrajaya Floria Festival 2015

The annual Floria Festival in Putrajaya was back and the theme this year was “Tapestry of Hues”, focusing on Lily flowers as the main attraction. On June 5, the last week of this exhibition, students from ELS@UPM had gathered to experience the glorious festival. On top of that, our Thai students... Continue reading

English Outreach Programme 2015

ENGLISH OUTREACH PROGRAMME 2015 organised by ELS@UPM in collaboration with SMK DESA SERDANG In April 2015, ELS UPM has carried out the ENGLISH OUTREACH PROGRAMME 2015, a community service project in collaboration with SMK Desa Serdang. The 1-day event was a tremendous success involving all sorts... Continue reading

Report on the Access Microscholarship Programme Opening Ceremony

ELS Subang Jaya, on Monday, March 2 2015, held the Access Microscholarship Programme’s opening ceremony. The event, scheduled at 3.30pm, was officiated by Mr. Frank Whitaker, Counselor for Public Affairs and Mr. Douglas Black English Language Program Advisor from the Embassy of the United States. ... Continue reading

New ELS Pathway Partner: Raffles University Iskandar

ELS Language Centres, Malaysia is thrilled to be nominated as a pathway partner of the renowned Raffles University Iskandar– located in the education city of the state of Johor in Malaysia. ELS students can now present their Level 109 certificate and transcript as proof of English language p... Continue reading

ELS Language Centres named Brand of the Year at the World Branding Awards

LONDON, October 28, 2014 – ELS Language Centres was named “Brand of the Year” in the English Education - Malaysia category at the 2014 World Branding Awards. 68 brands from 25 countries were honoured at a glittering awards ceremony at the prestigious One Whitehall Place in London over the we... Continue reading

Ice Skating at Sunway Pyramid Ice

“I had a wonderful trip with my best friends and best teacher, teacher Santhia. We had an interesting time together. This was my second time ice skating and it was fun doing it again with my friends and classmates. We also had a great time with teacher Santhia because she was making jokes and laug... Continue reading

ELS Subang Jaya in Rumah Kids orphanage

Last month, ELS Subang Jaya collected food from all classes and what a showing we had! Mounds of rice, crackers, biscuits, canned goods, milk, juice and more were collected for Rumah Kids, a children’s home in Subang Jaya. On Friday, July 4th, 20 students along with the organizers, teachers Gary a... Continue reading

Day Trip to Sunway Lagoon

ELS Kuala Lumpur organised a trip to Sunway Lagoon on the 17th May 2014. 45 students from ELS Kuala Lumpur, ELS UPM and ELS Subang Jaya joined the trip. From 10.30am until 6.00pm, students had fun going on rides and trying all the activities out with their friends and teachers. Although it was raini... Continue reading

April Graduation in ELS Johor Bahru

The word graduation means more than a ceremony to me. It means changes in my life, to reach a higher stage of my life, the time to become a new person, the time to grow up, the time to follow my dreams and separate responsibilities from fun. We have fought the fight, and we have overcome! A few d... Continue reading

Mr. and Ms. ELS Subang Jaya 2014

Wondering what big ideas we’ll be seeing on the runways this fall? On Friday, April 25, students at ELS Subang Jaya, gave us a sneak peak of the upcoming fashions. This was a much anticipated event as students competed to be crowned Mr. & Miss ELS Subang Jaya 2014. The styles “communicated... Continue reading

Skytrex Shah Alam

The student activity committee had yet another successful activity launched on the 8th of February, 2014. This time around, 35 students from ELS Kuala Lumpur, ELS@UPM and ELS Subang Jaya were taken to 'Taman Botani' in Shah Alam where they joined the outdoor activity which required the participants ... Continue reading

Ice Skating 2013

On the 13th December 2013, ELS Kuala Lumpur organised an ice-skating activity for the students at Sunway Pyramid Ice Rink. A total of 54 students participated in the activity. The students from different ELS centres had a great time skating with their teachers. As most of them came from Middle Easte... Continue reading


On Friday, October 18th, 41 students from ELS Subang Jaya and Kuala Lumpur went bowling at Sunway Mega Lanes in Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway. They were accompanied by 11 ELS. There were 12 teams overall and the teams were a mix of teachers and students. The teachers and students were wearing Ha... Continue reading

Day Trip to Port Dickson

“On Saturday, September 21, ELS organized a trip to Port Dickson. The bus ride was quite fun as it was a new experience for us. Although the journey was a bit far, we really enjoyed it as we were having a lot of fun in the bus. We talked and sang songs in bus. When we arrived at the beach, the tea... Continue reading

Charity Drink Stand

On September 20, 2013, ELS Subang Jaya successfully organised a charity drink stand. This charity drink stand was held to raise money for Kasih Hospice. A booth was set up at the entrance of ELS so as to attract ELS staff, teachers and students to buy drinks. Six ELS teachers were stationed at the b... Continue reading

Day trip to Malacca

On Sunday, September 1, a total of 5 Japanese students and 2 ELS Subang Jaya teachers went to Malacca for a simple tour around the historical city. The journey to Malacca began after all students and teachers were fetched from Casa Tiara Apartment, the meeting point, at 9 a.m. The first destination ... Continue reading

Buka Puasa (Student Activity July 2013)

On Thursday, July 25, students and teachers broke fast together at Sinbad, a restaurant on SS15. Nearly twenty students and ten teachers came together to eat various dishes from the Middle East, including kabsa, hummus, samosas, and kebabs. After everyone had eaten to bursting, the festivities moved... Continue reading

Charity Drive (Student Activity July 2013)

On Tuesday, July 30, four ELS Subang Jaya students from Japan, Kazakhstan, Iran and Saudi Arabia went to Rumah K.I.D.S., an orphanage, in USJ. They were accompanied by four Subang Jaya Teachers to drop off donations collected during the month of July. The collection of money, non-perishable food i... Continue reading

ELS JB June Graduation 2013 Celebrating Cultures of the World

What a nice, charming and fabulous graduation I had on June 25th 2013. The main idea for this graduation was to celebrate different aspects, such as the language, the traditional clothes and some common games of certain cultures. On that morning, I was shocked because I saw the phrase “Welcome” ... Continue reading

I City Trip

On June 19th, 43 ELS Subang students went to i-City in Shah Alam. They were joined by teachers Jagjeet, Randeep, Aishya, Gabriel, and Gary, as well as the LTC staff. From taking pictures in the garden of lights to riding the Ferris wheel, the students were thrilled to see the sights. I-City's imagin... Continue reading

Sports Carnival ELS (Student Activity July 2013)

On the 12th of July 2013, ELS Subang Jaya had an exciting sports carnival at the common park opposite the center. This was the first time in many months that ELS Subang Jaya had a sports carnival, so everyone was excited and looking forward to participating in this activity. The event started at ... Continue reading

Graduation Day – April 2013

26 April 2013 was a very special graduation day in ELS JB. A VIP, Mr. Lasal from WWF Organization (World Wide Fund) in KL came to the centre to give us a talk about the WWF Organization. Before the talk started, we had an interesting activitiy. Each level had to create a pledge to save the eart... Continue reading

Bingo Adjective

Teacher Randeep giving a short brief on how to play Bingo Adjective 20 students turned up for Bingo Adjective! “BINGO!” shouted one student I’ve almost got B-I-N-G-O! ... Continue reading

Board Games

Student playing congkak with Teacher Aisyah The king and queen of checkers, Takuya (105 A) and Joyce (104 B) Students expanding their business on their journey of playing Monopoly Two loyal friends giving their support to friends who play Board Games ... Continue reading

Skytrek Adventure (April Inter-centre Student Activity)

Everybody is happy to have safely arrived at Bukit Cahaya! The students are giving a thumbs-up for their rented bicycles! Everybody is eagerly looking forward for the extreme challenges that are to come! Everybody is strapped with the Skytrek harness and gear. Time for the challenge! ... Continue reading

Park Clean-up and Poster Making Competition

Students are working hard to clean the park up. Students looking contented and satisfied to have done their part by cleaning Mother Earth. Students brought back twigs and leaves from the park to decorate their posters about saving the planet. Students proudly showing their creatively... Continue reading


On Saturday 6th April 2013, the long awaited football match took place. There was a great turnout for the event. There were all sixteen students who had participated and were accompanied by two teachers from ELS Subang Jaya and ELS KLCC. We departed from ELS Subang Jaya at 9.30 A.M and reached Me... Continue reading

Life of Pi Graduation Day Movie (29TH March 2013)

Students eagerly waiting for the tiger to show up! Hardly an empty seat in the house! One of the many riveting moments from the movie! Students are wondering about the fate of Pi after his ship sinks! They thoroughly enjoyed the movie! You can see it in their smiles =)... Continue reading

Speed Charades

Teacher Aisyah giving a quick brief about the game to students. Student from Team B listening to the instruction.. Student from Team B trying to draw as many picturesas he can for his teammates. ... Continue reading

Futsal Fun with Myanmar Refugees

ESL Charity Event Teams played on March 22 from 4-6 p.m. at Sports Planet Subang Jaya! Next time JOIN US!!! ... Continue reading

Lion Dance at ELS KL

Staff and students at ELS Kuala Lumpur were treated to an impressive Lion Dance performance in conjunction with the recent Chinese New Year celebrations. ... Continue reading

Graduation Day Movie (1st March 2013)

It looks like students are really into the movie! Love is in the air as students enjoy the romantic comedy movie. Students are paying rapt attention to a particularly romantic scene from the movie. Students get to finally relax and watch a movie after a hardworking study session. ... Continue reading

Human Scrabble Activity (22nd February 2013)

A frantic race against time as students make as many words as they can. Teachers Randeep and Helmi making sure students play by the rules! One photogenic team taking a brief moment during the game to pose for the camera =) Contestants collaborate by forming a word (and showing that they... Continue reading

A Lion Dance Performance in ELS JB

Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese. It means bidding farewell to the old and wishing in the new. It is also probably the only chance for our family to be together. There are many special activities and customs during Chinese New Year such as setting off fire crackers, wearin... Continue reading

Yee Sang at ELS@UPM

On the 22nd of February 2013, ELS@UPM had a small “Yee Sang” ceremony participated by both the staff and the students. Yee Sang is traditionally celebrated on the seventh day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. It comprises of several different ingredients in a varied of colors, for example, pickled ... Continue reading

The Chinese New Year Lion Dance 2013 at ELS Subang Jaya

The Lion dance is an important part of traditional Chinese festivities, especially Chinese New Year, and it is thought to bring good luck and scare away evil spirits. On 19th of February 2013 (Thursday), ELS Subang Jaya had a performance by a Lion Dance troupe at the center. The students were extrem... Continue reading

Ice Age 4

Students totally engrossed in the movie. What a fun movie about mammoths and other extinct animals! A particularly touching scene, perhaps? Now say, “Cheese!” All smiles after the movie. ... Continue reading

Futsal Madness

... Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Word Unscrambling Contest

From left to right: Leong Ngik Ling, Osama Bahaa, Gan Jie Yin and Loo Jia HuiWinners take all Tea Zi Kang“Winning isn’t everything—but wanting to win is!” ... Continue reading

Genting Highlands Trip 14/02/13

Teachers and students enjoying the outdoor games… Photo time……… It’s really cold……… Cable car ride….. It’s scary yet fun…… ... Continue reading

Dictionary Shopping (7th February 2013)

... Continue reading

ELS JB November Graduation!

Fun and Laughter! ELS JB November Graduation! The November graduation in ELS was a fulfilling and wonderful day. Teacher Jamuna and the 105 students had been planning the activities since the first week of the November session. We gave a brief introduction to all the students before the graduatio... Continue reading

Haunted House & Face Painting (October 25th, 2012)

ELS Subang Jaya set up a haunted house for some Halloween fun last October. The students from level 105 did a fantastic job of decorating and making the place as scary as any haunted house should be. Squeals of fear and delight could be heard as soon as people stepped in. In addition, a talented stu... Continue reading

Kite Flying (October 20th, 2012)

Fourteen ELS students were looking for a kite flying experience. They were chaperoned by two teachers, Teacher Farah and Teacher Aisyah. The kite flying activity was held in Metropolitan Park, Kepong, which is about 45 minutes drive away from ELS Subang Jaya. As you can see from the pictures below, ... Continue reading

Access Graduation Evening with U.S Ambassador

70 underprivileged students comprising 14 to 18 year olds from seven schools within the Klang Valley, graduated recently from the US Embassy’s English Access Microsholarship Programme which was conducted in partnership with ELS Language Centres The Access Microscholarship Programme is a collabo... Continue reading

Tourism Malaysia Brings Delegates from Japan to ELS @ UPM

Recently, we were delighted to welcome a delegation from Japan who visited us at the ELS Language Centre in UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia). Organised by the Tourism Malaysia office in Tokyo, the brief visit allowed the guests to witness a successful collaboration between a public university and a p... Continue reading

ELS Holiday English Programme – by Fattah Education

... Continue reading

English Day at Kwang Hwa Independent School in Klang

On August 11th 2012, teachers Chris Kelly, Farahani Zakaria and Ezwan Husni went to Kwang Hwa Independent School in Klang to facilitate a one day English Camp. The aim of the camp was to equip students with proficiency skills and to show that English was fun to learn. There were two main skills ... Continue reading

ELS School English Day – Chong Hwa’s Got English Talent!

On July 21st 2012, ELS trainers Racquel Barth and Grace Purait, conducted an English Camp at Chong Hwa Independent School in Gombak. The aim of the camp, was to equip students with proficiency skills and illustrate that learning English is fun. Three tasks were executed namely; Story Telling, A... Continue reading

Fun with Archery

For weeks before the activity, students were eager to follow in the footsteps of Robin Hood and his legendary bow and arrows! When the day they were awaiting finally arrived, 51 students were excited to let their hair down and try their hands at being genuine Katniss Everdeens ala “Hunger Games”... Continue reading

Movie day: Snow White…

A trip to the fantasy world Movie for the month of June 2012 was initially Prometheus. Fortunately, not many were in favor of this sci-fi flick! In fact, many requested for Snow White and the Huntsmen instead. There’s just something about Snow White that seems to appeal to the students of ELS! ... Continue reading

Graduation Day in ELS JB

The May graduation in ELS was indeed the most memorable graduation I have ever attended in my studying life. It was absolutely different from other graduations because there were no lengthy speeches and no repetitious entertainment programme but batik painting. What is batik painting? My questio... Continue reading

UniRazak Visits ELSSJ

UniRazak Visits ELSSJ ELS Subang Jaya was very pleased to host nine TESL students from University Tun Abdul Razak, Ipoh campus on the 20th April 2012. They were accompanied by their lecturer, Ms Gurdip Saini. As soon as they arrived, they were taken on a brief tour of the center and give... Continue reading

English Camp at Pay Fong High School

Date: 30 March 2012 Time: 8.00am to 2.00pm Event: English Camp School Name: Pay Fong High School, Melaka ELS Language Centres, Malaysia partnered with AUG student services in Melaka to organise an English camp for Senior Middle 2 and 3 students. The objective of this event was to educate th... Continue reading

Sports / Game Day at Subang Jaya

... Continue reading

Attendance Award at Subang Jaya

... Continue reading

Access Soccer Day at Subang Jaya

... Continue reading

January 2012 Graduation Johor Bahru

Last month there was a great graduation in ELS JB. The graduation was about Chinese New Year. Each class in the school was decorated. There was something wonderful on that day; international students shared food with their friends who are Chinese. One of my Arab friends brought some Arabic food call... Continue reading

Graduation Session 201201

The theme this month is Chinese New Year and since it is still within the Chinese New Year Festive period, many of the staff and teachers came in red today to usher in good luck and prosperity into ELS. A colouring contest was organised for all the non-exit levels in 3 categories and the winner of e... Continue reading

Bukit Bintang Buddy Bears

30 students and teachers from Bukit Bintang were recently at Pavilion to learn and view the International Buddy Bear Exhibition. Students then created their own Buddy Bear to symbolize the amazing international community present in our centres. The bears promote peace and understanding between diffe... Continue reading

2012 ELS Bowling Championship

ELS was thrilled when 153 excited and competitive students turned up for a bowling tournament at Cosmic Bowl in Mid Valley. A great time and fun was had by all as all students bowled their hearts out! The Bukit Bintang centre bowled their way through the competition winning 1st and 2nd places in the... Continue reading

The Plight of Burmese Refugees in Malaysia

With three inspirational young Burmese refuges attending the ELS CIEP course at Bukit Bintang centre, the students, teachers and staff know well how tough life can be for these natives of the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar. In amazing group effort, the Bukit Bintang students, teachers, staff and... Continue reading

ACCESS Program JB!

Beginning on the 14th of November 2011, the ACCESS students of ELS JB attended the intensive component of the program. The intensive program lasted for two weeks and was held on Mondays to Fridays starting at 10:50a.m and finishing at 5:30p.m. The intensive program was different from the normal A... Continue reading

Bukit Bintang Goes Bowling!

Bukit Bintang ELS students and teachers went bowling early last December at Berjaya Times Square. Teachers Syiqin, Lee, Kenny and Firdaous and over 30 CIEP students showed off their awesome skills. There were lots of photos, plenty of loud music and countless cheers, celebrations and laughs! ... Continue reading

ELS at the Access Click! 2.0 Camp

... Continue reading

Access visit onboard US warship

Last September 8, 2011, four teachers and 56 students from the PJ’s and SJ’s Access program were brought to witness firsthand the great US warship, USS John C. Stennis in Port Klang. Students were excited when they found out that the warship appeared in the movie Transformers: Revenge of The Fal... Continue reading

Paintball Tournament

Teachers attended (as chaperon and participant ): from BB: Elami, Bai'ah , Farhana and Norehan from KLCC: Ahmad Irwan from SJ : Aisyah, Farah and Hajar A paintball tournament was held at Bukit Jalil on 24th September 2011. The Subang Jaya and Bukit Bintag Centres both participated ... Continue reading

Hip Hop Dancing at ELS Subang Jaya!

... Continue reading

ELS KLCC’s July Graduation!

The month of July is marked as the month of Summer for ELS KLCC. Committee members of this month are responsible to prepare interesting activities related to the theme. The activities were Summer Scenery Colouring Contest for non-exit levels students whereas the exit levels were given a few specific... Continue reading

Helen Keller’s Birthday – 27 June.

ELS Language Centres, Penang took the opportunity of Helen Keller’s birthday on the 27th June to let the students experience the difficulties that disabled people undergo every day and to plant the seed of compassion in them. Besides that, the students were also given the opportunity to learn anot... Continue reading

May 2011 Graduation, ELS Johor Bahru

A celebrity themed graduation was held at ELS Johor Bahru on 27th May, 2011. A scavenger hunt based on music and celebrities kick started the event. The students had a great time singing and dancing, as they tried to complete the tasks and solve some of the challenging puzzles. Students also took pa... Continue reading

Parents day

…We never know the love of our parents until we become parents ourselves. My parents are the dearest people in my life because they are the reason for my presence in this life. I love my father. I love my mother. I pray every time to go back to Palestine because I need to kiss their hands and sit ... Continue reading

ELS goes bowling…

More than 100 ELS bowlers converged on Cosmic Bowl in Mid-valley on May 13th for the semi-annual ELS Malaysia bowling championship. Subang Jaya came out tops in the team competition. Winning team members were AbdulWahid Saleh, Ibrahim Rabea, Rami Zaqzouq and Abdulla Yahya. Second and third pl... Continue reading

U.S Ambassador Jones launches the ACCESS Program in JB Centre

April 12th 2011 was an historic day for ELS Johor Bahru; American Ambassador Jones honored us with his present at the launching of the ACCESS Microscholarship Program. ACCESS provides a foundation in English language skills to disadvantaged students through after-school classes and intensive Eng... Continue reading

Nowruz at ELS Petaling Jaya

... Continue reading

Futsal Tournament

On Saturday, March 19th, 120 ELS students and a few teachers, from all the centres gathered in The Sports Barn in Petaling Jaya for a fantastic day of futsal and fun. There was even a team from ELS Johor Bahru, who came all the way just for the games. We started the day at about 10am, with 18 te... Continue reading

On The Last Graduation Day

On the last graduation day, we had the best time. Students from the exit levels 103, 106 and 109 sat down together as one team; laughing, giggling, booing and chatting with each other. Performances were laid out beautifully by our fellow comrades. Each level stepped up and took the challenge to perf... Continue reading

ELS Launches ACCESS Programme with the US Ambassador

Photos from ELS' ACCESS Programme launch with the US Ambassador. ... Continue reading

ELS Language Centres Bags The Brandlaureate Award For Best Brand In Education

KUALA LUMPUR, January 11, 2011 – ELS Language Centres Malaysia (ELS Malaysia) announced as the winner for Best Brand in Education –English Language Centre at the prestigious BrandLaureate – SME Chapter Awards 2011. Recognition of the highest branding standard for education by the Asia... Continue reading

ELS Celebrates Chinese New Year with 1,000 ELS Students!

Photos from ELS' Chinese New Year Celebration. ... Continue reading

Cultural Show Performance

In the month of January, Malaysian Tourism Center (MaTiC) organizes cultural-based performances as its line-up of events. With the purposing of introducing Malaysia to the world, and in line with the objectives of ELS to introduce local cultures to its students, 2 sessions were conducted in bringi... Continue reading

ELS Biggest Graduation Ceremony Photos

Photos from ELS Biggest Graduation Ceremony ... Continue reading

20th Anniversary Dinner Photos

Photos from ELS' 20th Anniversary Dinner ... Continue reading

An unforgettable trip that I took part in

There are many short journeys and trips in our lives. My last trip was, however, the most interesting of my life thus far. I was very happy because I went to Batu Caves with my classmates and teacher. Indeed, it was a very special day because I had never been to Batu Caves before. It was my first ... Continue reading


KARYANEKA, Malaysia's well known handicraft and souvenir centre, has a wide collection of rich items of handicraft reflecting Malaysia's ethnic and cultural heritage. There is also a Craft Museum, which exhibits the multi-cultures of Malaysia. We wanted our students to experience Malaysia’s r... Continue reading

World Cup with ELS Kuala Lumpur

In conjunction with the 2010 FIFA World Cup, students belonging to the non exit levels – 100, 101, 102, 104, 105, 107 and 108 – were given a chance to show off their football skills in a ball-juggling competition organized by ELS Kuala Lumpur (KLCC). With attractive prizes up for grabs, the ... Continue reading

History Found

The dream holiday of a lifetime for an adventurous group of mostly foreign students from the ... Continue reading

ELS Futsal Cup

On Friday night, June 25th, the ELS Bukit Bintang centre had a futsal night. Many students and staff attended and played in the tournament. We hired a bus to take us to the arena, where several matches of competitive futsal were played, in thirty minute sessions. Drinks and snacks were included.... Continue reading

ELS Petaling Jaya Bowling Competition

On Friday, the 25th of June 2010, ELS Petaling Jaya held its first bowling competition at Cosmic Bowl, Midvalley Megamall. A total of 12 teams consisting of 4 students in each team competed. A group of teachers joined in the fun as well. The competition started at 3:30pm and each team played a total... Continue reading

ELS Genting Trip

ELS organized a trip to Genting Highlands for its students on Sunday, the 11th of July 2010. A total number of 29 students from ELS Petaling Jaya, ELS Bukit Bintang, and ELS KLCC went on this trip. 3 teachers went along with the students as chaperones. The group departed from KL at around 9am an... Continue reading

ELS Bukit Bintang Genting Highlands Trip

Genting Highlands! What a memorable trip for the students of ELS Bukit Bintang who organized a trip up to the highlands on April 10, 2010. From the bus ride, cable car and back to Bukit Bintang, the students truly enjoyed themselves. They tried all the attractions at the Theme Park (indoor & outdo... Continue reading

The ELS Sky Bridge Excursion

On May 21st, 22 enthusiastic students and two equally keen teachers from ELS Petaling Jaya went on an intrepid tour to the Petronas Sky Bridge. Before going up to the Sky Bridge they enjoyed a ten minute documentary about the bridge and its history. The documentary was very informative and the gro... Continue reading

ELS Malaysia partners with University Putra Malaysia (UPM) in efforts to integrate best practices for English Language Teaching

8th Malaysia International Conference on English Language Teaching (MICELT) 2010 Malacca, 13 May 2010 - Key issues regarding the teaching of the English language have taken centre stage in the country as of late. Parties from various quarters have been offering different views on the approach of... Continue reading

Go Go Ball

Venue: Charity Village in Kulai, Johor ... Continue reading

80 students to be trained by ELS Malaysia via US Embassy’s ACCESS Microscholarship program

Petaling Jaya, 25 March 2010 – Malaysia’s premier English learning centre, ELS Language Centres has partnered with the US Embassy to conduct the famous ACCESS Microscholarship Program to promote English language learning among Malaysian youths. The program will see 80 students from four schools ... Continue reading

The Lion Comes to Dance at ELS, Bukit Bintang

The annual Chinese New Year celebration was enjoyed in February at the Bukit Bintang centre, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's most vibrant area. More than a hundred students stayed after school to watch the traditional Lion Dance, take pictures, and eat the delicious, festive foods in the lobby. E... Continue reading

Waiter’s winning ways

From the Star Online By CHEN PELF YEEN THOUGH armed with only a UPSR (Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah) certificate, Abdullah Omar’s passion for the English language has led him to realise his potential, and a step closer to his dream of becoming a successful businessman. The 25-year-old from Kam... Continue reading

Look out point

ELS Bukit Bintang (ELS BB) is happy to share their photos from a recent excursion with 30 students, 3 teachers and 4 administrative staff to Kuala Lumpur’s Look Out Point. The evening brought the students and teachers of ELS together in a fun and social environment where English was the only metho... Continue reading

Cultural Exchange Competition

... Continue reading

Win one of 20 prizes worth over RM800

Just English Sdn Bhd in collaboration with ELS Malaysia is sponsoring 20 eco-friendly teachers to join in this International Conference on English Language Teaching (ICELT) in Melaka on 10-11 November 2009.Win a 2-night stay pass to ICELT 2009 in Melaka! Submit your best 55-minute English lesson pla... Continue reading

Learning at the Beaches of Pangkor Island

On 18 July, 2009, ELS Bukit Bintang led a group 12 Kazakh students to Pangkor Island, a small, remote island located off the northwest peninsula of Malaysia. The island is lined with golden beaches and overhanging trees. The main industry on the island is, and has histrocially been, fishing and boa... Continue reading

ELS Bukit Bintang Visits Genting Highlands

At 9 o’clock in the morning, the group of Kazakh students assembled themselves in front of their condominium for their departure to Genting Highlands, which is located just 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur on one of the peaks of the Titiwangsa Mountains. Along the way to Genting, the students w... Continue reading

Taman Negara: Kazakhstan Students Discover a New World

A three-day exploration of the 130 million years old Taman Negara left an indelible impression in the minds of 15 students from Kazakhstan. Coming from this central Asian country that is a mixture of stony mountains, deserts and flat grassland, their encounter of the rich diversity in Malaysia's f... Continue reading

Our Island Getaway

Saturday 23rd August 2008 saw an International mix of ELS students from the Petaling Jaya Centre jet set off on a luxury air conditioned bus to Pangkor Island. Our first stop was “breakfast” at a place where authentic Malay food was on offer in the traditional Mamak style. Stomachs full and supp... Continue reading

ELS’ First Adventure Camp – At Taman Negara

Photo from trip to Taman Negara By Leanne Yuen What better way to learn about the wonders of Malaysia than by experiencing it first hand! On 4 August 2008, ELS Petaling Jaya and Just English Sdn Bhd jointly organised a 5-day 4-night exploration camp for 32 students at Taman Negara (Nation... Continue reading

An Adventure English Camp Never To Forget – Visit to Putrajaya

At about 2.20 p.m. on 31st July 2008, 31 enthusiastic students gathered in ELS PJ, bags and drinks in tow, looking forward to an exciting day trip in Putrajaya. Of course…what would a trip be without a student briefing before the journey begins. Our dear students from Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Korea... Continue reading

ELS Penang eating out

Penang has delicious food. Penang has wonderful Chinese, Indian, Malay, Nyonya and Mamak food that is famous across the world. At ELS Penang we try to enjoy as much of this variety as possible. The students and teachers at Penang ELS have visited many eating places. Eating together is an excelle... Continue reading

A weekend at Cameron Highlands

On 26th and 27th July 2008, the students from ELS Petaling Jaya and the English Adventure Camp students took a break in the cool air of Cameron Highlands, a popular mountain retreat in Malaysia. The group of teenagers from different countries, accompanied by a few staff members, left Petaling Jay... Continue reading

ELS Kuala Lumpur celebrates Summer!

The month of July marks the commencement of the summer holidays for students and scholars alike in such Middle-Eastern countries as Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The holiday break, which is typically of three months duration, sparks off a flurry of tourist activity that begins in the sun-dazzled kingdoms ... Continue reading

ELS Cultural Exchange Competition

In the afternoon, after classes on the 23rd and 24th July 2008, the students, teachers and staff at ELS Petaling Jaya all gathered together in the Language Technology Centre for the much-anticipated "Cultural Exchange Competition" they had all worked hard for. Each class had spent some good hours ... Continue reading

An Evening Around Georgetown

As some may already know, Georgetown and Malacca were recently inducted into the list of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. ELS, being a school that celebrates international diversity, held a "Georgetown City Tour" on Wednesday, 16 July 2008 to expose some of our international students to the sites an... Continue reading

Tropical Fruit Galore

On 16th July 2008, the international as well as local students were treated to a feast of local fruits. The tropical fruit party was a tremendous hit as the students enjoyed papayas, mangos, longans, mangosteens and watermelons, among others. To make it more festive and celebratory, Mr. Han, our e... Continue reading

Day Trip to PETRONAS Twin Towers

Friday 12th of July, was an eventful day for forty students from ELS Petaling Jaya and two assistants who went on a trip to The PETRONAS Twin Towers in The Kuala Lumpur City Centre. They met in the ELS foyer and started out by walking to the Asia Jaya train station to head for KLCC. Teacher Phili... Continue reading

ELS PJ visits historical Malacca!

"All Work and No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy" - so the saying goes... ELS Language Centres, Malaysia isn’t just about teaching English to the world. Numerous extra-curricular activities are regularly planned for students who are interested to participate in getting to know Malaysia with its unique ... Continue reading

Eden Handicap Charity Food Fair 2008

As most people who have visited Malaysia know, Penang is famous for its great food. Not only great food but things to buy and free entertainment were all part of the 2008 Eden Handicap Service Centre Annual Charity Food Fair which was held at the Caring Complex, near the governor’s house on 21st... Continue reading

The Fashion World Invades ELS!

ELS has been known to be an institution that places importance not only on its excellent academic record but also on the overall development of its students. Through activities out of the normal classroom teaching, it enables students to experiment with the English language in new settings and with ... Continue reading

New ELS Centre Boosts Malaysia as ELT Hub

New state-of-the-art ELS Language Centre in Bukit Bintang, KL signals country’s growing status as international English language learning hub. As Malaysia pursues its policy of accelerating development of human capital through education and training, much emphasis has been placed on strengtheni... Continue reading

ELS Penang Guiness Records Competition

On 21st May 2008, ELS Penang hosted its very own Guiness Records competition. Teacher Amelia and Mr Loo presented the fun-packed activities, as students from different levels vied for supremacy in ten different categories, some of which were very unusual! Larger-than-life Libyan Ahmed Amehdawi, ... Continue reading

ELS, KL Graduation – Teachers’ Day

One of ELS Malaysia’s most endearing traditions is the end-of-session graduation ceremony, an event during which successful students in levels 103, 106 and 109 – the celebrated exit levels – receive certificates of proficiency attainment. The event is organized and hosted by a trio of instruct... Continue reading

Forget You Not, Tioman

When people think of Malaysia, they tend to imagine pristine beaches with lots of sunshine and beautiful weather. The students from ELS-KL had the opportunity to experience just that; the best of what Malaysia has to offer can be found a stone throw away. From beginning to end, 26 students and ... Continue reading

ELS KL visits Kuala Selangor

The ELS, KL trip to Kuala Selangor on the 19th of April was memorable as the participants were privileged to witness a few of Malaysia’s unique wonders and enjoy each other’s company during a modest dinner of seafood. After departing Kuala Lumpur at 4 pm., 10 faculty members and 73 students p... Continue reading

ELS KL at the Night Zoo

Even though the Saturday evening on which ELS KL students went to Zoo Negara was filled with a constant downpour, 38 students and several staff braved the adventure. Student expectations were high and weren’t going to be turned off with a bit of rain. On March 22, 2008, at 5:00 pm, students set of... Continue reading

From Korea, with Love

English, once taught by western tourist to Asian countries has now become central to the pursuit of knowledge by many people from Asia due to increased globalization. In fact, the study of English language is so popular that many East Asian countries are actively sending students out to study th... Continue reading

ELS PJ offers intensive 15-hour TOEFL/IELTS Workshop

ELS Petaling Jaya will be starting a TOEFL/IELTS Test Preparation Workshop starting 22 February 2008 (Friday). We encourage students who wish to sit for the TOEFL/IELTS test to enroll for the course as it will help prepare you to score better in the test. Following are the tentative dates of t... Continue reading

ELS vs Han Chiang Soccer Game

On 31st January, ELS Penang took on neighboring Han Chiang College in an exciting game of soccer. The match started late at around 6:50in the evening. The ELS team, dressed in orange, were an international phenomenon. Players came from many countries, including Malaysia, Japan, China, Thailand, L... Continue reading

Beijing Municipal UNESCO Clubs Association visits ELS KL

In the effort of promoting Malaysia as a centre of education excellence in the Asian region, Embassy of Malaysia in Beijing together with the Beijing Municipal UNESCO Clubs Association organized a group of 38 students from Hebei to visit Malaysia. Hebei Province, which is located north of the Yellow... Continue reading

Learning Beyond the Walls of the Classroom

Variety is the spice of life. Learning becomes fun and what is learnt is remembered for a long time if it is something different from the norm. With this in mind, the Student Advisors in ELS Centres in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya worked closely with the teachers to organise several trips to the M... Continue reading

Summer Holiday English Programme Welcoming Session July 2007

What do you think of when you think of summer? Most people would think of the beach and the sun. However, for some foreigners, Malaysia; a warm and friendly place where basking under the sun is not the only option of spending quality time with their family, is the place they think of. This is becaus... Continue reading

300 Attend MUET Workshop

Some 300 local and overseas students attended a MUET (Malaysian University English Test) workshop conducted by ELS Language Centres recently. Professor Koh Soo Ling of Universiti Teknologi Mara gave the students tips on how to do well at the MUET exam. Meanwhile, at another event, Just English Sdn ... Continue reading

ELS PJ Visits KL Tower

At ELS Language Centres, Malaysia, classroom instruction is not the only way of learning and promoting the use of English among our students. Students are given a taste of real life experiences and Visit Malaysia Year 2007 has an added significance for ELS Language Centres. ELS Language Centres, Mal... Continue reading

ELS KL Skybridge Tour

Kuala Lumpur – March 22, 2007 – In a bid to expose international students to Malaysia’s unique heritage, ELS Language Centres Kuala Lumpur organised an excursion to KLCC Skybridge last month. On the 22nd, twenty-three students gathered at ELS Kuala Lumpur and made their way to KLCC and its r... Continue reading

Fear Factor at ELS KL

You may not think that a Language Centre and the popular TV series “Fear Factor” have anything in common. In fact, they both encourage people to confront and conquer their fears! And at ELS Language Centres, Kuala Lumpur, students did exactly that when they participated in a recent special com... Continue reading

Chinese New Year Celebration at ELS Petaling Jaya

From the ELS’ tagline “We Teach English to the World”, one can immediately spot that ELS is an English language centre. But what goes on at ELS, Petaling Jaya is more than just classroom learning. Here, we expose students to the cultural part of life, too. Recently students in ELS were ente... Continue reading

ELS Adventure English Camp – Summer 2008

ELS Malaysia's widely popular Adventure English Camp is back this year and it's packed with more activities to get your kids to learn English while having a holiday of their life! Let your kids make new friends from all over the World and experience the warm culture and tasty food of Malaysia this s... Continue reading

Chu’sok Celebrations With HELP University College Students

ELS International students accepted an invitation from HELP University College to celebrate the Korean Thanksgiving Chu’sok festival together on 4 Oct 07. About forty students, from ELS Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, accompanied by student advisors, Ms Melissa, Ms Virgini... Continue reading

Saudi Arabian National Day Celebrations

The morning of Friday, 13 September 2007 saw the ELS Petaling Jaya centre being decorated enthusiastically with bright green banners and buntings. Several International students from Saudi Arabia were proudly wearing their national costume. Each teacher and staff entering the premise was given a gre... Continue reading

Students’ Outing to Selangor Pewter and Batu Caves

It was Saturday – 21 July 2007. 42 students from ELS PJ joined their Student Advisor Virginia Chin and MML teacher Nalini on a trip to the above two places. The group arrived at Selangor Pewter at about 9.50 a.m. and were warmly welcomed by the staff there. The visitors were shown the largest pew... Continue reading

Educational Trip to Aquaria Kuala Lumpur

The Summer Holidays students of ELS centres in the Klang Valley participated in the above trip on 7 July 2007. Students were seen to be enjoying themselves even on the way to the aquaria -there was laughter, singing, playing their own Arabian drum and plenty of photo-taking. At the food court they g... Continue reading

ELS Edu-Tourism Programme

Thursday, 24th May 2007, is a day that would be remembered for a long time by staff and students of English Language Centres, Malaysia. On that day, The Hon. Deputy Minister of Tourism, Datuk Donald Lim launched the ELS Edu-Tourism Programme at the Malaysian Tourist Centre (MTC) at Jalan Ampang, Kua... Continue reading