Advanced Writing Programme

The exclusive ELS Advanced Writing Programme will help secondary school students (16-18 years) develop competence and confidence in their writing ability. Developed around interesting current topics and events, this programme aims to build strong language and literacy skills that will help students write compelling and expressive essays.


The ELS AWP is an 18 week programme that comprises 3 modules. Students will participate in:

  • Advanced Writing Lessons
    Held once a week over 3 hours, students will learn and be exposed to the various writing genres, styles, strategies and relevant grammatical elements that will empower them to be effective writers.
  • Experience ELS Online
    Students stay connected with their teacher and peers through ELS Online, a learning portal which features personalised eLearning modules that will give students more language practice.


  • Learn strategies and skills to write in different styles and genres clearly and coherently
  • Develop valued editing skills to improve your writing techniques
  • Get detailed feedback from your instructor
  • Use a range of sentence structures, idiomatic language and metaphors in writing
  • Use broad, expressive, appropriate and varied vocabulary in writing

Class Schedule

Modules Dates
1 31st March – 5th May
2 19th May – 7th July
3 21st July – 25th August

Bonus Features – Internationally Recognised Assessments & Competitions

  • Students will have an opportunity to take part in the annual International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Writing paper, by the University of New South Wales (Australia).
  • Form 4 and 5 students in Malaysian Public Secondary Schools can also participate in the annual “DKLS Linguistic Ambassador Award” Essay Writing Competition with ELS Language Centres.