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ELS Language Centres Malaysia (ELS Malaysia) is a franchise of the US-based ELS Language Centres. Established in 1990, ELS Malaysia is the nation’s premier English language training centre that offers an unbeatable combination of university-town and city centre study locations with high academic standards and professionally trained instructors.

Over 50 years of experience
Over 50 years of experience
More than 1.1 Million Students
More than 1.1 Million Students
Over 83 Locations and Counting
Over 83 Locations and Counting
Students from 177 Different Nations have attended ELS
Students from 11 Countries Attend ELS
ELS open Doors to more than 650 Universities Worldwide
With the Help of Counselling Experts from 96 Countries

ELS History Timeline

ELS Inc., USA was formed to provide English language training to few United States agencies, such as the AID (Agency for International Development), USIS (United States Information Services) and others.
The first ELS Language Centres was established in Washington D.C. Today the number of the centres has grown to 60 throughout United States. ELS’ strong relationship with universities and with their loyal network of counselling agencies around the world has developed pathways for international students to pursue their tertiary studies in the USA and in other countries.
A new division, ELS Inc(International division), was formed to expand ELS’ English teaching activities overseas. ELS(International) opened its first language school in Tokyo, Japan in 1978.
ELS Language Centres Malaysia was established. It since has grown to having 5 English language training centres throughout Malaysia, ELS Malaysia is registered with Malaysian Ministry of Education.
ELS expanded its operations to include more than 20 language centres outside the United States.
Likes its franchisor it the USA, ELS Malaysia has quickly gained recognition as the leader in providing English Language Programmes. In 2012, ELS established a centre within the campus of Universiti Putra Malaysia(UPM), a top-tier public university, which offers academic English language preparation for its inbound students.

Flagship Programme

The Certified Intensive English Programme(CIEP) is an international recognised full-time programme designed to prepare student’s English language skills for university studies. With the CIEP, graduates do not need to provide an IELTS or TOEFL test score when applying to more than 650 universities worldwide.

ELS also offers a range of English language training solutions for companies, professionals, as well as schools.

Come and find out what makes us special and how we can help you in your English language needs.