TOEFL and IELTS Tests at ELS

ELS is one of the largest networks of Authorised TOEFL iBT test centres in Malaysia and a growing test venue for IELTS tests.

ELS also offers test preparation classes to help you develop the skills you need to obtain a credible score on the IELTS and TOEFL tests.

To register for the TOEFL iBT test, you can visit the ETS website and choose to take it at any of our convenient locations throughout Malaysia.

You can register for the IELTS test at our IELTS test venues: ELS Kuala Lumpur or ELS Subang Jaya centre.

TOEFL Test Dates
DateKuala LumpurSubang JayaPenangJohor Bahru
30 May 2015-
13 Jun 2015
27 Jun 2015-
11 Jul 2015-
01 Aug 2015---
22 Aug 2015
05 Sep 2015
12 Sep 2015--
19 Sep 2015-
10 Oct 2015-
24 Oct 2015
31 Oct 2015---
14 Nov 2015-
21 Nov 2015-
28 Nov 2015--
05 Dec 2015--
12 Dec 2015-
19 Dec 2015-

IELTS Test Dates
DateKuala LumpurSubang JayaPenangJohor Bahru
13 Jun 2015---
27 Jun 2015---
04 Jul 2015---
11 Jul 2015---
01 Aug 2015---
29 Aug 2015---
12 Sep 2015---
19 Sep 2015---
10 Oct 2015---
24 Oct 2015---
07 Nov 2015---
14 Nov 2015---
05 Dec 2015---
19 Dec 2015---

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Nao Yamanishi, JAPAN

Thank you for having us for two weeks. It was a nice experience. The teachers were well prepared for lessons and lead us to think deeper. They taught us not only English but also how to discuss with others and make a conclusion for each topic. I really like culturally mixed classes. The students respect each other even though we have many differences. I also really appreciate the activities organized by UPM. It was sometimes hard to talk to the UPM professors because they use terms I didn't know. But they were so kind to explain many things and show us around. Thank you again.
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