Certificate in TESOL

Individuals who are interested in becoming English as Second Language (ESL) or English as Foreign Language (EFL) teachers will find that the course will equip them with the theories and practices they need to be effective English language teachers.

The TESOL Certificate Programme provides participants with flexibility and variety, comprising of online learning, face-to-face classroom discussions and Authentic Practicum teaching sessions. The great advantage of such an arrangement is that the online component enables the participants to read about the theories of TESOL before they come to class to learn how to apply them in their teaching. In addition, participants find the classes less demanding because they can study the theories in the comfort of their homes. Having become familiar with the theories and the practical aspects of teaching, participants are then ready for the face to face instruction and Authentic Practicum teaching sessions.

Why Choose Certificate in TESOL at ELS?
  • ELS has more than 20 years of recognised English language teaching experience. More than 100,000 Malaysians and international students have benefited from ELS programmes and have continued to pursue their university studies and join the work force successfully using English on a daily basis;
  • ELS’ experiences has enabled the Company to provide a TESOL programme which is focused and practical to meet the demands of trainees who may not have a first degree, or are in the midst of a career switch;
  • Students are able to pursue their degree in TESL after the Programme;
  • The Programme features a variety of perspectives in the teaching and learning of English;
  • The Programme is designed to create life-long learning opportunities for its students.
Programme Information

The trainees can work from home during the week and attend classes on 6 Saturdays.

By the end of this course, candidates will be able to:

  • understand the principles used in teaching ESL
  • have sufficient knowledge needed to teach English in diverse settings
  • design and administer tests
  • design and deliver lessons to ESL students of various levels of proficiency
Enrolment Criteria

To enrol in the TESOL Certificate Programme, a participant must meet the following criteria:

a) Be above 21 years of age;

b) Complete a minimum of a high school education with successful achievement of a high school certificate. Participants who possess a diploma or a degree are preferred

c) Possess a good command of English. All candidates must sit for the ELS English Language Proficiency test upon registration

Hardware Requirement and Internet Access

A candidate needs a computer with internet connection and an email address. Once registered for the on-line course, participants are provided with a username, password, and link to get started. The username and password allows the participants to access their course on demand.

Additional info
Week On-line Units Face-to-Face Component Authentic Practicum
1 Second Language Acquisition


Orientation and Lesson Planning
2 Grammar Review
3 Teaching Grammar

Classroom Management

Grammar Review & Teaching

Grammar in Context

4 Teaching Listening

Teaching Phonology

Teaching Listening & Phonology Authentic Practicum 1 -


5 Teaching Speaking Teaching Speaking

Error correction

6 Teaching Reading Teaching Reading Authentic Practicum 2 -


7 Writing Review

Teaching Writing

Language Testing & Assessment

Educational Technology

Teaching Writing

Language Testing & Assessment

Authentic Practicum 3 -



Candidates will be awarded the TESOL Certificate conferred by ELS Language Centres upon:

  • completing all online tasks and passing all quizzes
  • having full attendance in the face-to-face sessions
  • submitting satisfactory home assignments and
  • obtaining a satisfactory grade in the practical teaching sessions

January Intake: 10 weeks (17.1.15 – 28.3.15)

Modules Lecture Dates Observation/Teaching
Overview and lesson planning 17.1.15
Grammar 24.1.15
Listening & Phonology 14.2.15 10 – 12 Feb: Grammar
Reading 28.2.15
Writing 14.3.15 16 – 18 Mar: Reading
Speaking & Testing 28.3.15 23 – 25 Mar: Writing

April Intake: 9 weeks (18.4.15 – 13.6.15)

Modules Lecture Dates Observation/Teaching
Overview and lesson planning 18.4.15
Grammar 25.4.15
Listening & Phonology 9.5.15 11 – 13 May: Grammar
Reading 16.5.15
Writing 23.5.15 8 – 10 June: Reading
Speaking & Testing 13.6.15 15 – 17 June : Writing

July Intake: 10 weeks (11.7.15 – 19.9.15)

Modules Lecture Dates Observation/Teaching
Overview and lesson planning 11.7.15
Grammar 8.8.15
Listening & Phonology 15.8.15 17 – 19 Aug : Grammar
Reading 22.8.15
Writing 5.9.15 7 – 9 Sept : Reading
14, 15, 17 Sept: Writing
Speaking & Testing 19.9.15

* Malaysia Day – 16 Sep

October Intake: 9 weeks (17.10.15 – 5.12.15)

Components Lecture Dates Observation/Teaching
Overview and lesson planning 17.10.15
Grammar 24.10.15
Listening & Phonology 7.11.15 9, 11, 12 Nov: Grammar
Reading 14.11.15
Writing 21.11.15
Speaking & Testing 5.12.15 7 – 9 Dec: Reading
14 – 16 Dec: Writing
  1. What is the difference between a Certificate and a Diploma in TESOL or TESL or TEFL?
    A Certificate usually requires 100 hours to 140 hours of learning. A Diploma is usually a 1-year full time programme. Under the Malaysian Ministry of Education’s ruling, a Diploma could be a 2-year part-time programme.
  2. Will this qualification enable me to teach English at ELS Language Centres?
    ELS’ hiring criteria are: a candidate possesses a degree, a certificate in TESOL/TESL/TEFL, passes a job interview, conducts a good demonstration class, shows commitment towards teaching and is interested in students’ learning and progress. Candidates who meet all of the above criteria will be considered by ELS provided there is a vacancy.
  3. Will I be able to teach in an English language centre or a private school in Malaysia or abroad when I complete this programme?
    Yes, provided you meet the hiring criteria of the various institutions and country policy.
  4. Who are the teacher trainers for this programme?
    ELS’ teacher trainers are qualified by education and have an average of 10 years teaching experience.
  5. Who issues this Certificate?
    ELS Language Centres, Malaysia issues the Certificate in TESOL. ELS Malaysia is registered under the Malaysian Ministry of Education. ELS is a US-based company with over 20 years experience in Malaysia. Its parent company in Princeton, USA has almost 50 years of experience teaching English to the world!
  6. Is the ELS TESOL certificate recognised worldwide?
    Recognition of any certificate or qualification is the prerogative of the approving authority. It is usual for the authorities to base their criteria for approval on the proven track record of the institute awarding the certificate / qualification. As a rule, if the TESOL programme is over 100 hours and practical teaching (practicums) is part of the programme, it is usually internationally recognised.
  7. How ready will I be as an English language teacher at the end of the programme?
    To be an effective teacher depends a lot on your commitment and your continuous effort in learning and practicing the teaching skills learnt. Like everything in life, the more practise you get, the better you will become. Remember not to be discouraged but enjoy the opportunity to hone your skills.
  8. Will ELS help get a teaching job for me?
    The School of Education at ELS will assist you but will not guarantee you a job. Securing a job will depend on your performance in the TESOL studies, the practicums, and the job interview.

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Oji Nakamura, JAPAN

10 days was too short but it was a meaningful and productive period. I learned and found a lot of things in this programme. I noticed the difference of speech of various countries. ELS has many students from different countries, so the more I talked with them, the more I learned about their cultures. In addition, I have become a more positive person. In my class there were people speaking Arabic or Chinese, they joined discussion and spoke their opinions actively. From that I have learned to express my ideas better. I'm really grateful to all teachers for supporting us. Moreover, I would like to thank you for making contact with the laboratories. This will be helpful when we study in Japan. Thank you for everything!

Session Dates

  • 18 Oct 2014 - 17 Dec 2014
  • 17 Jan 2015 - 28 Mar 2015
  • 18 Apr 2015 - 13 Jun 2015
  • 11 Jul 2015 - 19 Sep 2015
  • 17 Oct 2015 - 5 Dec 2015
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