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In conjunction with the 2010 FIFA World Cup, students belonging to the non exit levels – 100, 101, 102, 104, 105, 107 and 108 – were given a chance to show off their football skills in a ball-juggling competition organized by ELS Kuala Lumpur (KLCC). With attractive prizes up for grabs, the contest kicked off at 9 a.m. with participants deftly demonstrating their skills with some fancy footwork to cries of “oooh” and “aahh” from a rapt audience that had gathered to watch the spectacle.

At the end, there could be but one winner, and the prize was duly awarded to the worthy winner during the graduation ceremony. Elsewhere, exit-level students (103, 106 and 109) readied themselves for a series of presentations based on wedding ceremonies – the theme for June 2010. While some groups performed sketches, others showcased traditional wedding attire.

The highlight, however, had to be the electrifying, passion-charged samba performed by two of the Center’s instructors, ably and energetically backed up by an enthusiastic troupe of students. As one, they swayed to the pulsating beats of Shakira’s World Cup anthem, the catchy Waka Waka (Time for Africa).