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ELS has been known to be an institution that places importance not only on its excellent academic record but also on the overall development of its students. Through activities out of the normal classroom teaching, it enables students to experiment with the English language in new settings and with different people.

One such activity was the Grooming Workshop conducted by T ‘ Joue on the 30th of May 2008. An all female affair, a total of thirty students and teachers participated. T’Joue, a fashion consultancy company, presented an interesting session on fashion and grooming. The reason for it being an only female affair was to respect the Muslim women’s need for privacy and to enable the women to be in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, one that would not inhibit the participants from asking pertinent and personal questions and actively participating during the session.


The presentation started off with the consultants from T’joue explaining and illustrating the fashion dos and don’ts for women of various body shapes. At this juncture and typical of most women, both students and teachers were overly enthusiastic in trying to figure out their own body shapes taking also the opportunity to point out to each other what they thought theirs were. Surprisingly many turned out to have hour glass figures! Participants were also invited to try on clothes that were appropriate to their figures, shapes and sizes. It was quite entertaining and amusing to watch teachers and students transform from their mundane appearance to catwalk models with just the right touch from and touch up by the T’ Joue consultants. After that, the T’jou presenters gave the participants tips and advice on the right choice of colour combinations and accessorizing.


Everything ends well that begins well and a pleasant surprise awaited the participants at the end of the presentation when the consultants gave out free gift vouchers to T’Joue outlets to all the participants. And ladies in case you don’t already know the latest T’Joue outlet has been officially launched at Mid Valley – Gardens. T’Joue must have had a whole bunch of ELS students and teachers swarming their outlets during that weekend following the workshop session. Overall it was an enriching and interesting experience for those who attended and thanks to this session, we have model ladies strutting the corridors of ELS PJ these days. What a joy to behold!