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ELS_PJ_trip1It was Saturday – 21 July 2007. 42 students from ELS PJ joined their Student Advisor Virginia Chin and MML teacher Nalini on a trip to the above two places.

The group arrived at Selangor Pewter at about 9.50 a.m. and were warmly welcomed by the staff there. The visitors were shown the largest pewter mug which has been recorded in The Guiness Book of Records. Taking photographs in front of this beautiful masterpiece was a memorable experience.

During the guided tour, the history of Selangor Pewter was explained. The three main stages in the process of making pewter articles was explained. The students found it fun to try out the costumes worn by the tin-miners of 1885, and to take photographs in these attires in front of the tin-dredge murals.

The visitors were allowed to have some hands-on experience in engraving on pewter. Next they were taken to the pewter museum where the beautiful pieces of completed pewter articles were on exhibition. The guests were invited to purchase any of the items they were interested in. It was mentioned that some of these articles for sale were not available in any of the other outlets.

ELS_PJ_trip2Around 11 a.m. the bus departed for Batu Caves. For most of the International students, this was their first visit to this tourist attraction in Malaysia. Climbing up the 272 steps was easy for the majority of the youngsters. Although some monkeys tried to snatch some of their bags, it did not dampen their enthusiasm to reach the top. A few adventurous students ventured a little further up the hill to see the Hindu temple in the cave. The sight of the sun’s rays falling on the stalactites and stalagmites was a beautiful sight to behold.

Most of the participants enjoyed the chilled juice of young coconuts, sold at the foot of Batu Caves. After having a sumptuous lunch the group returned happily, but tired, to ELS PJ.