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ELS students at MTCVariety is the spice of life. Learning becomes fun and what is learnt is remembered for a long time if it is something different from the norm. With this in mind, the Student Advisors in ELS Centres in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya worked closely with the teachers to organise several trips to the Malaysian Tourism Centre (MTC) in Jalan Ampang. Students were required to complete assignments related to their experiences at MTC. The Student Advisors and teachers accompanied the students during these educational trips.

On arrival, the ELS visitors were met by MTC staff. A very informative briefing pertaining to the history of MTC and its role in encouraging tourism followed. The main attraction was the cultural dance performance in the mini auditorium. This performance is staged almost every afternoon for tourists to enjoy. Within a short time period of about an hour, the audience got a rare opportunity to witness and enjoy various dances from the different states in Malaysia.

Entitled “The Colours of Malaysia”, the guests were lavishly entertained to lively music and fast-moving dance performances. The rich, colourful brocade costumes worn by the dancers are something that will remain in memory for a long time! The dance from Perak was followed by the joget from Malacca. Next was an indigenous dance performance from the East Malaysian state of Sabah. It was interesting to watch Tarian Buyong – an Indian folk dance performed by non-Indian dancers! The soothing music of the Chinese Fan Dance with the bright red costumes of the dancers was a welcome change. One cannot forget the Iban-Bidayu performance from the land of the hornbills- Sarawak. Two variations of the 17th century Zapin dance were staged from Johor followed by Dikir Bertingkar from Kelantan. The grand finale of the evening was the song, “Come to Malaysia”.

It was a beautiful experience for everyone present to be given an opportunity to take photographs with the artistes. A lot of joy and warm Malaysian hospitality was experienced as the cameras kept on clicking. A short tour of MTC followed. The students even had the opportunity to try their skills in batik painting! Everyone enjoyed taking more photographs around the beautifully landscaped surroundings before departure.