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On 18 July, 2009, ELS Bukit Bintang led a group 12 Kazakh students to Pangkor Island, a small, remote island located off the northwest peninsula of Malaysia. The island is lined with golden beaches and overhanging trees. The main industry on the island is, and has histrocially been, fishing and boat building. Even with its beauty and history, the island remains an untouched refuge for tourists seeking a relaxing and low-key holiday.

The group departed from Kuala Lumpur’s city center early in the morning and headed to the western coast of Malaysia. Along the way, students got a glimpse of Malaysia’s natural beauty, passing forests full of palm trees, expansive paddy fields and traditional Malaysian fishing villages.

Upon arrival to Lumut jetty, the group hopped on a boat and took a 30 minute ride to the shores of Pangkor Island. After checking into the hotel the students ate lunch quickly, eager to hit the sand and jump in the water. The students flew kits, rode on a banana boat and partook in an ad hoc swimming competition. They truly enjoyed themselves.

On the day of departure, the students woke up early to have their breakfast and prepare for a dive in the sea. After checking out of the hotel the group went to Pangkor town to buy souvenirs to remember the experience. An hour later, the students assembled at Lumut jetty before heading back to Kuala Lumpur.