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KARYANEKA, Malaysia’s well known handicraft and souvenir centre, has a wide collection of rich items of handicraft reflecting Malaysia’s ethnic and cultural heritage. There is also a Craft Museum, which exhibits the multi-cultures of Malaysia. We wanted our students to experience Malaysia’s rich culture by giving them the opportunity to visit Karyaneka. Therefore on 6 August, 2010, ELS Bukit Bintang organized a trip for our Holiday English Programme students to Karyaneka. Since it was their first time in Malaysia, they were amazed with the wide array of handicrafts on display and they managed to purchase quite a handful to take back to their families. We also organized a Batik painting session for them which gave them the opportunity to personally experience the way batik is made. After the batiks were painted, they were framed and the students kept their masterpieces. They were very excited to bring them back to show their friends. It was a wonderful, educational and creative experience for the students.