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On Saturday, March 19th, 120 ELS students and a few teachers, from all the centres gathered in The Sports Barn in Petaling Jaya for a fantastic day of futsal and fun. There was even a team from ELS Johor Bahru, who came all the way just for the games. We started the day at about 10am, with 18 teams playing hard for one of the 16 spots that would lead them to the championship. It was sad when we had to tell two teams that it was time to go home but, in the true spirit of it being a friendly tournament, the teams took it very well and became cheerleaders for other teams from their centres. The games continued until about 4.30 pm when the final game was played between Tigers ELS and Dragons, both teams from ELS KLCC, with Tigers ELS emerging as the champions. They received movie vouchers and a trophy while the Dragons received movie vouchers as first runners up.

Safe to say everyone had a fantastic time and it was really good to see all the students from different centres and of different nationalities cheering each other on and helping each other out with minor injuries or just a drink of water. It turned out to be quite a family affair too with Teacher Najla’s fiancé taking on the role of referee, Teacher Norehan’s fiancé acting as the official photographer and Teacher Deeya’s sons being the score keepers. We can be proud of our students for maintaining excellent behavior during the day and leaving the place as clean as it was when we got there. Camaraderie and fellowship were the points of the day and it was clear that students of ELS know exactly what those words mean!