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On August 11th 2012, teachers Chris Kelly, Farahani Zakaria and Ezwan Husni went to Kwang Hwa Independent School in Klang to facilitate a one day English Camp. The aim of the camp was to equip students with proficiency skills and to show that English was fun to learn.

There were two main skills tested in the camp namely, writing and fluency. The first activity that we did was the “Story Telling” task where the students are given a text form the “Just English” Magazine and asked to find 10 nouns, verbs and adjective and create a story based on those words. It was fun to see the students discussing and trying to finish the story within the time limit.

Before we began the second task, we had a short warmer called “The Fruit Bowl”. The students were divided into four groups and a teacher in the centre assigned each student one of three fruits. They then had to listen carefully because when the teacher announced a name of a fruit, those with that particular fruit name had to switch places. The teacher also attempted to steal a chair and those whose chair was stolen had to recite a tongue twister as penalty. It was fun to watch the students scrambling over each other to not let the teacher steal their chair.

The final task was the “fashion show” where the students became fashion designers and not only designed but made the outfit they designed out of old newspapers. It was a sight to behold and one we and the students will always remember.

The students and teachers enjoyed themselves immensely. The cooperation of the teachers from the school made it easy and smooth for the facilitators to make sure the students had fun. We had so much fun and hopefully we can do it again.