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ELS PJ visit KL Tower

At ELS Language Centres, Malaysia, classroom instruction is not the only way of learning and promoting the use of English among our students. Students are given a taste of real life experiences and Visit Malaysia Year 2007 has an added significance for ELS Language Centres. ELS Language Centres, Malaysia has been in the forefront of teaching English to locals and foreigners for over 16 years, making it the most attractive stop-over not only for language learners but for tourists who want to make the best use of their time when they are in Malaysia.

A stop-over at any ELS centre is a must for many of these discerning tourists, who in one way or another have come to know and acknowledge our reputation for being the leader in providing quality English Language instruction to suit the needs of a variety of people from all over the globe.

Students from ELS, P.J recently visited the K.L. Tower. On Saturday, 21 April 2007, some of our students, mostly international, had an awesome experience viewing K.L. city from the observation deck of the K.L. Tower. Other highlights of the K.L. tower visit included a private documentary session hosting the attractions of K.L. city, cultural performances and a traditional music presentation on arrival at the main entrance. An audio MP4 presentation had the students practically lapping up information on the history of each floor and its architecture, all in their own language – a privilege only to be enjoyed by foreign visitors to the Tower. The objective of promoting Malaysia in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and getting students to use the English Language was sufficiently realised as the students had a lot of questions to ask and they had their curiosity quenched by what they saw and witnessed.

Besides, exposing our students to the wonders of Malaysia, ELS also organises college talks in line with making Malaysia the educational hub of the region. Students are given the opportunity to participate in college visits and listen to representatives from different colleges so that they can make the right choice of courses, and the university or college to pursue further studies on completion of their English Language study at ELS.
The monthly Graduation Ceremony is another feature that is distinct to ELS Language Centres. Students look forward to this day when they can let down their hair and give expression to the unique experience they have had learning English at ELS. It is also an opportunity for them to showcase their culture and share with their friends from all over the globe something interesting about the countries they come from. All in all, ELS is an experience in itself!