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Penang has delicious food. Penang has wonderful Chinese, Indian, Malay, Nyonya and Mamak food that is famous across the world. At ELS Penang we try to enjoy as much of this variety as possible.




The students and teachers at Penang ELS have visited many eating places. Eating together is an excellent way for students and teachers to get to know each other and make friends. More importantly, it is a very good opportunity to speak English!

One popular restaurant the students and teachers have visited together is ‘Palace of India’, a restaurant serving all kinds of wonderful food from across India. In addition the restaurant has dancing and performances. This is enjoyed particularly by our Middle Eastern students.




Tandoori Chicken is excellent spicy chicken from India. In Penang the teachers and students have taken several trips to ‘Kapitans’, a famous Tandoori restaurant in Georgetown, to enjoy a big dish of grilled spicy chicken and Indian bread (following a trishaw ride through the streets).

ELS Penang also visited The Berjaya Hotel for a big steamboat dinner earlier this year. Dining this way is a unique experience. This Chinese style food includes meat, seafood and vegetables, boiled in a big pot of soup in the middle of a table. A big buffet allows us to take as much food as we like. Then we can cook in the communal pot. It is an excellent way to enjoy being with friends.




Food is an important part of the many festivities in the Penang ELS centre. During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, ELS usually holds a big ‘break fast’ meal at night. During this meal Muslim students (who cannot eat during the day) can enjoy a feast of food from Malaysia and the Middle East. At other times, ELS Penang has arranged big lunches of Malay food, fried chicken and pizza.

The students at ELS are also good cooks themselves. ELS has had many ‘pot luck’ lunches and dinners, where students can bring the food of their own countries’ for everyone to enjoy. Our excellent student chefs have prepared Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Middle Eastern food. There is always a feast at these occasions.

If you enjoy food, ELS Penang is definitely the place to come to!