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KLCC Skybridge

Kuala Lumpur – March 22, 2007 – In a bid to expose international students to Malaysia’s unique heritage, ELS Language Centres Kuala Lumpur organised an excursion to KLCC Skybridge last month. On the 22nd, twenty-three students gathered at ELS Kuala Lumpur and made their way to KLCC and its renowned Skybridge for an afternoon of awe, education and fun, all rolled up in one.

The friendly staff of KLCC not only took the students around the exhibition hall but also conducted a lively session complete with games and interactive activities. According to one of the students, Mohamad A Tahir, “It was a truly rewarding and eye-opening experience because we learned that the Skybridge also acts as a safety device that allows tenants in one tower to be evacuated to the other via the Skybridge in the event of a fire or any other emergency.”

After the exhibition show, the students were invited to view the multimedia 3-D show on the planning, designing and construction of KLCC.

Once the presentation was over, the group took the elevator to the 41st floor of KLCC where the Skybridge is situated. Once there, they were rewarded with (mostly) fine weather and breathtaking scenery. Spirits were not dampened by the light rain that began to fall as everyone had a good view.

Experiencing Kuala Lumpur from 170 metres above ground-level in one of the world’s tallest buildings will be remembered by all the students who were there as one of the most memorable days of their stay in Malaysia.