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ELS KL Night Zoo

Even though the Saturday evening on which ELS KL students went to Zoo Negara was filled with a constant downpour, 38 students and several staff braved the adventure. Student expectations were high and weren’t going to be turned off with a bit of rain. On March 22, 2008, at 5:00 pm, students set off on a voyage to an oasis within a concrete jungle.

This night outing was a great way to experience first-hand some of the indigenous animal species that Malaysia has to offer. Students enjoyed walking through the zoo taking in the tigers, rhinos, storks, turtles and leopards. The lions, giraffes and elephants were also, of course, big hits.

Due to the fact that it was a dark and damp evening, the brightly lit aquarium and reptile house afforded a nice break from the ‘trek’ through the wild. The large pythons that the zoo has are definitely eye-catching. As for the spiders that were kept in their enclosures, most agreed that as long as they stayed on their side of the glass, they were fine too.

Night Zoo 2

The time went by quickly for the visitors. To finish off the visit, zoo staff had a snake that visitors could stroke and hold to find out what one felt like. Although many students and youngsters took advantage of the opportunity, there were definitely some that remained squeamish.

To end off the evening, at 9:00 we headed to McDonald’s. As most of the students had walked in the ‘jungle’ of Malaysia, large amounts of food was a great way to complete the trip. Students definitely enjoyed the visit to Zoo Negara at night!