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KLCC Aquaria 1The Summer Holidays students of ELS centres in the Klang Valley participated in the above trip on 7 July 2007. Students were seen to be enjoying themselves even on the way to the aquaria -there was laughter, singing, playing their own Arabian drum and plenty of photo-taking. At the food court they got to enjoy delicious Malaysian cuisine.

During the first part of the trip the students were allowed to touch and feel some of the live creatures in the aquaria. One of the students even tried to lift up a mangrove shark. The turtles in the conservatory attracted many of the students.

The next stop-over was the jungle area where the students were captivated by the variety of species seen there. Amongst the favourites was a giant frog, about 1 foot long. The beetles, spiders and snakes also amazed them. At the freshwater mangrove area, the sight of the pacupiranhas and the arapaimas held them spell-bound.

KLCC Aquaria 2Giant catfish and fresh water snakes were also found in this fresh water exhibition area. The students were happy clicking away their cameras to record all the new animals that they had seen on that day. It was fun feeding the dogfishes, mangrove sharks, puffers and turtles with the squids that the students had bought. There was much excitement when some fish as long as 4 feet came close and jumped to get the squid out of their gloved hands. Live skunks and raccoons were on open display further down. The students took this opportunity to have their photographs taken for a small fee. The underwater world is the highlight of the Aquaria. Sea creatures such as the manta ray, nurse sharks and many other types of big fishes were seen swimming freely in the purpose built huge aquariums. The jellyfish and coral sections too were fascinating. Before leaving the Aquaria, students spent some enjoyable time, choosing souvenirs for family and friends.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable outing and the students said that they found it really informative. Yet another day well spent!