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As most people who have visited Malaysia know, Penang is famous for its great food. Not only great food but things to buy and free entertainment were all part of the 2008 Eden Handicap Service Centre Annual Charity Food Fair which was held at the Caring Complex, near the governor’s house on 21st June.


It proved to be a bigger success than last year’s Fair due to the great weather and an even better turn out of volunteers. Several students and teachers from ELS Penang volunteered in this charity event. All participated in selling several types of souvenir from their table which were donated from a variety of sources. These items included several types of jewellery such as the classic colourful hoop earrings and hair pins. Several of the students also promoted the ELS English programme by handing out leaflets, brochures and talking to passer-bys.


These volunteer students enjoyed speaking to the crowd in English explaining the intensive programme offered in Penang as well as selling the goods from the table. This proved to be a great opportunity for them to practice their English conversation skills at all levels! One of our students even turned himself into a walking billboard for advertising the key chains and other items for sale. Everyone had the chance to taste many of the food offered at the Fair and our table was a great spot to watch the entertainment and listen to the music.


Breakfast, lunch and drinks were provided for the volunteers but most of us couldn’t resist trying some of the local food sold at other tables, especially the ice cream. All the students had a nice time and worked hard to sell items at the table. About RM 180,000.00 were raised from this event for the Eden Handicap Service Centre’s operation fund. ELS Penang raised RM873.00 from the sales of the souvenir items. We wish to thank all our volunteers who contributed their time and money at the Fair.