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Friday 12th of July, was an eventful day for forty students from ELS Petaling Jaya and two assistants who went on a trip to The PETRONAS Twin Towers in The Kuala Lumpur City Centre. They met in the ELS foyer and started out by walking to the Asia Jaya train station to head for KLCC. Teacher Philip and Nurul, the Admin Assistant, accompanied the students. After registering at The Centre, the students were split into two groups of different colors, (black and blue).


The groups went through a 3D video footage which provided them information on the history and construction of the distinguished KLCC Twin Towers prior to being taken up to the forty-first floor by passenger lifts that can carry up to 26 people at a time. On entering the skybridge, the students started clicking away with their cameras not wanting to miss out anything of the beautiful and fascinating surrounding scenery that beckoned.

The students were in an exhilarating mood and experienced the chance to mix with other language level groups, practice their English when buying tickets or asking for information. Sofian from 102B said, “We got perfect photos with my teachers. That was our first time to KLCC. It’s an amazing tourist attraction indeed.”Another student, Poya, from 104A remarked, “It was a cool plan. Hopefully ELS will organize more outings like that. This is the first time I have been to KLCC Bridge. It was simply awesome.”


Erfram from 105B remarked “It was my first time on the KLCC Sky Bridge. It was a wonderful experience indeed! I was with my friends, all ELS students, and teacher Philip. We had a good time at KLCC and we went there by train. During our train journey we took many photos with many cameras! We could see the shadows of two towers and it was just so majestic.”

ELS Language Centres is well renowned for encouraging its students to promote their English language skills through active participation not only in in-class activities but also by arranging similar events where students have the opportunity to express themselves in casual yet real life situations.