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In the month of January, Malaysian Tourism Center (MaTiC) organizes cultural-based performances as its line-up of events. With the purposing of introducing Malaysia to the world, and in line with the objectives of ELS to introduce local cultures to its students, 2 sessions were conducted in bringing three classes of 103 to the premise. Realizing the conversation syllabus of the exit level which one of them focuses on the traditional dance, efforts were made in cooperation with the conversation teachers to bring the students to witness first-hand what the videos provided were to offer.

As the shows were scheduled from 1500 to 1545 every Tuesday and Thursday, students from 103 A, B and D started to gather as late as 1430 before they were brought to the venue. Skeptical as they are, many were quizzical about the importance and relevance of the visit, which was charged at RM5 per head, students and teachers alike. However, as soon as the curtain was drawn and the lights and music started playing, many were enthralled and blown away by the foreign culture presented before their eyes, as far as the Southeast Asia. Coming from mostly the Middle Eastern background, awes accompanied every other minute as the tricks never dried out from the sleeves of the talented young dancers. As the curtain is closed, the entourage was led to the souvenir shops, where they could extend their fascinations towards everything crafts as token of appreciation and memory for their loved ones. All in all, the performance truly befits the saying of ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’, as multiple races live together under one roof and celebrates the uniqueness and yet blends in wonderfully, signifying the acceptance of the nation towards each and other races.