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 ELS Bukit Bintang

On Friday, October 2, 2009, the students, teachers, friends and families of ELS Bukit Bintang held a memorable and fun event to share each others’ cultures and celebrate after an intense month of studying! Each class, from level 100 to 106, participated in this event and their Conversation teachers helped to facilitate each class’ performance. There was also a set of judges, including a former student from ELS Bukit Bintang who is now in student of law in Malaysia, to assess the classes and decide on which class had the best performance in regards to language, performance and attire.

Here is an overview of the performances: the level 100 class performed a song about peace and harmony; the 101 class performed a mixed cultural show; the 102 class danced their hearts out to traditional music; the 103 class performed a traditional Yemeni dance; the 104 class did presentations about their countries; the 105 class informed the school about their countries’ cultures, food and customs; and, the 106 class created their own country and introduced the school to it.

After the event the judges decided that the 101 class was the first place winner, the 103 was second place and 105 was the third place. The first place winners received movie tickets and the other two classes received Wendy’s meal vouchers. After the event ELS held a potluck lunch with food provided by both the school and the students! We had a mix of food from around the world and enjoyed each other’s company over delicious bites! After the event the students returned home and got ready for the start of a new session on October 5.

Keep your eyes open for more fun events at ELS Bukit Bintang!