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Chu’sok Celebrations 1ELS International students accepted an invitation from HELP University College to celebrate the Korean Thanksgiving Chu’sok festival together on 4 Oct 07. About forty students, from ELS Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, accompanied by student advisors, Ms Melissa, Ms Virginia and the Director of Student Affairs, Mrs.Jeya, went over to the newly opened HELP RESIDENCE builing where the celebrations took place.

Playing host, the HELP University staff and students went all out to make the evening a memorable one for their guests. Sweet memories of home came back to many a Korean student, listening to the master of ceremonies speaking in
their mother tongue. All the visitors were presented with door gifts and tokens of appreciation.

Chu’sok Celebrations 2The photo taking session was interesting. The hosts readily clicked their cameras and later came up with several souvenir snap shots that were presented to their ELS
counterparts as parting gifts. Warmth and comradeship prevailed that afternoon as students from both institutions intermingled and enjoyed themselves.

Korean music graced the occasion as students got to know each other. It was interesting to watch the fun-filled traditional Korean games that were played by students from both the educational institutions. Participants of the
ever-green ‘Musical chairs’ game were heard laughing and joyfully screaming in excitement throughout the game. The winners were happy to receive their prizes.

Chu’sok Celebrations 3Next in the agenda was dinner. Sumptuous Korean dishes including the special item for Chu’sok, namely, ‘songpyun’(rice cake) were served. Everyone really enjoyed the meal as well as the friendliness shown by the hosts.

Speeches, both in English and in the Korean language were given by representatives from both institutions. After collecting their photographs that had been taken earlier, the ELS visitors adjourned to their bus.

‘Thank you’ to the organizing committee of HELP University for inviting us at ELS Language Centres to this joint Chu’sok celebrations!