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There are many short journeys and trips in our lives. My last trip was, however, the most interesting of my life thus far. I was very happy because I went to Batu Caves with my classmates and teacher. Indeed, it was a very special day because I had never been to Batu Caves before. It was my first such trip in Kuala Lumpur, and, also, it represented a new experience in my life.

We – my classmates and Teacher Kevin – went there by train. When we arrived at Batu Caves, we found the weather pleasantly cool and refreshing. This was perhaps a blessing as here were many steps to climb before we could get to the top. Along the way were many beautiful statues and, to my surprise, many monkeys. Whilst on our way to the Indian Temple, we saw many people praying. It was all very exciting because I had not seen anything like this before. We took many photographs and some of my classmates took photographs with the resident snakes. I was scared because I had never seen such enormous snakes before. After that, we went to feed the fish. I saw many pretty fish in the pond and I was as happy as a lark. Finally, and with the sun setting in the west, the trip came to an end and we headed back home

In conclusion, it was truly a most fabulous and unforgettable excursion. Hopefully, the chance to go on such a trip as this one will present itself again in the not-too-distant-future.

Written by a student named Najmeh in 103D