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At about 2.20 p.m. on 31st July 2008, 31 enthusiastic students gathered in ELS PJ, bags and drinks in tow, looking forward to an exciting day trip in Putrajaya. Of course…what would a trip be without a student briefing before the journey begins. Our dear students from Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Korea were advised to abide by the rules and regulations and briefed on the itinerary. Snacks were distributed to the students (food….food…glorious food!)



The air-conditioned bus finally arrived and hurried goodbyes were bid to friends as the students and teachers scrambled up the bus. Well……the fun continued even in the bus as our students watched a movie, chatted and munched on their snacks. The journey to Putrajaya took approximately half an hour. They reached Putrajaya, which is the new federal government administrative centre of Malaysia at 3.00 p.m. greeted by Putrajaya’s tour-guide. He commenced with a short briefing, which incorporated the history of Putrajaya.



The first place of visit was the Putra Mosque, which is the landmark of Putrajaya. The students were fed with information on the uniquely designed mosque with its very delicate features. It was a whole new experience for the Korean students as it was their first time visiting a mosque. Like they say, there is always a first time for everything. The next stop was Dataran Putra or better known as Putra Square, which is the Centrepiece of Putrajaya. It is located in front of Perdana Putra and the Putra Mosque and it is decorated with flags of all the Malaysian states.

After getting to know more about Malaysia at Putra Square, it was time to get a little closer to the Malaysian government offices. The students peeked into Perdana Putra where they were exposed to the offices of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Later, much to their surprise they were taken sight-seeing to the Putrajaya Convention Centre (PCC) where they gleefully made their entrance. That was not all. The motley crew also passed by Putra Bridge, Seri Bakti Bridge, Seri Saujana Bridge, Seri Wawasan Bridge and Place of Justice.

The bus journey back to ELS PJ was noisy as the students were talking about their trip. It got even more exciting as ‘Mambo No. 5’ fever was on and the whole bus was singing it.



We believe our students came back richer in experience. The trip had indeed taught our students about respect, friendship and the uniqueness of cultures, which portrays a colourful picture of LIFE itself. Indeed, The Putrajaya visit proved to be a very memorable one for the Adventure English Camp students.

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