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Teachers attended (as chaperon and participant ):

from BB: Elami, Bai’ah , Farhana and Norehan

from KLCC: Ahmad Irwan

from SJ : Aisyah, Farah and Hajar

A paintball tournament was held at Bukit Jalil on 24th September 2011. The Subang Jaya and Bukit Bintag Centres both participated in this tournament. We were requested to be at the venue (Xtion Paintball Park, Bukit Jalil) by 8:30 a.m. The organizer (Elami) was requested to fill in a waiver form and complete the form with participants’ details. This waiver form was to certify that participants were aware of the danger of paintball. After that, participants were briefed by the chief referee on the rules and regulations. Then, we were introduced to the Paintball marker (gun) and how to operate it as well as the safety tips.  Then, we were divided into groups (SUBANG JAYA A and B , BUKIT BINTANG A and B) and directed to the battle field, which is called the “MAYHEM ZONE” and the tournament started. The goal of the battle was to shoot down two bottles and capture two flags. We had 4 rounds of round robin elimination games and 2 rounds of final games. Before each game, the team leader of each group set new strategies for the group to follow to make sure they win. This scene was seen each time they were called to get into the MAYHEM ZONE. All the participants displayed good sportsmanship and still managed to smile although they were shot and injured.

Among the participants were teachers from BB (Bai’ah , Farhana, Norehan, Elami) and SJ (Aisyah).

The results are as below:

First Place: Bukit Bintang

Second: Subang Jaya

Third: Bukit Bintang

Fourth Place: Subang Jaya

After the match, the participants cleaned up and changed into clean clothes before having lunch at 1PM. After lunch, the prizes were presented to the winners by Mr. Zaim from Xtion Paintball. All participants managed to vacate the venue by 2.30 PM.