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Last month there was a great graduation in ELS JB. The graduation was about Chinese New Year. Each class in the school was decorated. There was something wonderful on that day; international students shared food with their friends who are Chinese. One of my Arab friends brought some Arabic food called “Kabsa”. It was delicious. On that day each class presented about Chinese culture, for example, 105 presented on the dos and taboos during Chinese New Year. Moreover, Class 102 presented about the Chinese zodiac calendar. After that my class level 103 sang a Chinese New Year song. Class 104 performed a drama. It was so exciting. Actually I learnt a lot about Chinese culture that day. Besides that, we ate Chinese food, which our Chinese classmates brought to share. It was the first time I ate Chinese food. At that graduation, I got the “Best Overall Student Award”. When my teacher called my name, my heart jumped with glee. I was so happy about that. In fact that day was one of the best days of my life. It is impossible that I will forget that day. Next month, I will be in 104 and I will do my best. Thank you ELS Johor Bahru and my lovely teachers for everything you do for students.

Mahmoud Ibrahim Mahmoud Abdalla
January 2012
Level 103