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The May graduation in ELS was indeed the most memorable graduation I have ever attended in my studying life. It was absolutely different from other graduations because there were no lengthy speeches and no repetitious entertainment programme but batik painting.

What is batik painting? My question was soon answered by L102 students when they organized a presentation about batik painting on Thursday afternoon, the day before the graduation. I had a clear picture about batik painting after they gave an interesting description on the techniques of tracing, waxing and colouring on batik.

On Friday morning, I came to ELS earlier than usual as I had ants in my pants because I could not wait to try batik painting. The batik artists that ELS had invited started their demonstration of batik painting around 9:30 am. One of the skilled and experienced batik artists caught everyone’s eye when he was drawing free-hand on the fabric with wax-filled canting. He drew a vivid hibiscus on the fabric without making any preliminary sketches. The other batik artists gave us a brief explanation on how to create a new colour by mixing two different colours.

The batik artists had prepared a lot of designs such as flowers, horses and marine life for us. Before we did the painting the batik artists offered us the chance to have our names or words written on the batik that we had chosen. Batik painting is really not an easy task because it needs unique techniques of colouring to prevent the uneven spread of colours through the batik.

When the batik artists were drying our paintings, the batik showcase was in progress. There were at least two representatives from each level in ELS to demonstrate the uses of batik. Batik is not only used for the Malay national dress but it can also be used for table clothes and bags.

Finally, coming to the last part of graduation, the prize giving; teachers announced the winners of the batik painting and batik showcase. All the winners received the prizes with a big smile on their faces. Last but not least with all students in attention, the teacher loudly announced the names of the “Best Students” in each level and the overall “Best Student”. The audience broke into rapturous and lengthy applause during the prize giving.

The graduation finally came to an end at 12:30pm. It was time to say good bye to ELS, the place where those happy memories were created. And it was time to enjoy our holidays!

Written by: Zoe Wong
Level 106 May Session Johor Bahru
Overall Best Student