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Date: 30 March 2012
Time: 8.00am to 2.00pm
Event: English Camp
School Name: Pay Fong High School, Melaka

ELS Language Centres, Malaysia partnered with AUG student services in Melaka to organise an English camp for Senior Middle 2 and 3 students.
The objective of this event was to educate the students regarding the importance of English, to introduce tools for mastering the language and to be better prepared for their universities and future employment.

There were approximately 380 students who participated in the camp. The organiser had them divided into small groups of 5 to 6 students each. An English team leader was voted for each team to represent their group. Mr. Jeffery Chong from Swinburne University gave his speech on “A self initiated approach to learning English.” The session then followed by a seminar on “Career Path” which was presented by Mr. Andy from Nottingham University.

Students were excited with the games prepared by AUG. There were two activities namely “Order of Alphabets” and “Draw Something” which required students’ problem-solving skills and teamwork to compete.

The ELS presentation was done by Mr. Michael Young, an instructor from ELS Bukit Bintang. He talked about the difference between IELTS and TOEFL, the test structure and tips on how to be prepared and score well in the exam. The information was of great importance for students for when they start planning their futures. It gave them a clear understanding of university admission requirements and helped them to decide on which test would best fit their higher education goal.

On top of that, ELS also sponsored each and every participant a copy of the Just English Magazine to encourage them to develop their reading habits further.

The camp ended with the School Principal giving thanks the organizers and all the speakers for a rewarding and fun-filled event.

Prepared by: Jocelyn Chee

20th April 2012.