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“On Saturday, September 21, ELS organized a trip to Port Dickson. The bus ride was quite fun as it was a new experience for us. Although the journey was a bit far, we really enjoyed it as we were having a lot of fun in the bus. We talked and sang songs in bus. When we arrived at the beach, the teachers divided us into groups. Then, we played a lot of interesting beach games; all the students were really happy. After that, we grilled chicken and cooked pasta for lunch. They were really delicious. Some students bought ice cream as the weather was really hot. After lunch we sat and told funny stories to each other and laughed. Finally, we took many photographs with the teachers and students. Thank you ELS for organizing such an enjoyable trip.” – Masood and Mariyam from Libya – 101A “We played crazy games and had a great BBQ. I met new friends from different countries and we exchanged stories about our own cultures. The highlight of the trip was when we tasted – for the 1st time – what the Malaysians called The King of All Fruits which is durian! It was a fun and wonderful trip and I hope to attend more trips like this.” – Ritaj J.A Mohammed from Libya (107) “It was a really fun trip to Port Dickson. We played some games which were not only amusing but were also meaningful. I could still remember the joyous moments that we’ve spent with other students from different cultural backgrounds. The scenery didn’t catch so much of my attention but it was a fun trip! I ate durian for the first time in my life during this trip and it wasn’t too bad.” – Sun Zhongyue from China (109)