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On the 22nd of February 2013, ELS@UPM had a small “Yee Sang” ceremony participated by both the staff and the students. Yee Sang is traditionally celebrated on the seventh day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. It comprises of several different ingredients in a varied of colors, for example, pickled vegetables and slices of salmon. Our Acting Academic Director, Mr. Ong, brought three sets of Yee Sang for the event, one of them being vegetarian. The students helped set up the tables for which the dishes were set up. The teachers showed the students how the Yee Sang was put together. After the set up was done, Mr Ong gave a short speech on the importance and significance of Yee Sang. After that, the teachers and students together joined and tossed the Yee Sang as high as possible. After the toss, the students and teachers mingled around to savor the Yee Sang. For most of the students, it was a unique experience. Over all, it was a nice change of pace and an interesting history and culture lesson for the students as well as the teachers.