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ELS Summer HolidayWhat do you think of when you think of summer? Most people would think of the beach and the sun. However, for some foreigners, Malaysia; a warm and friendly place where basking under the sun is not the only option of spending quality time with their family, is the place they think of. This is because to them, Malaysia isn’t just another beautiful and exciting tourist spot but also a place where they can learn English conveniently as well. Additionally, it’s not just any place that they come to in order to learn English, they come to ELS International Language Centres where English is taught to the world!

Therefore, to celebrate the arrival of summer, ELS has enrolled approximately 50 students who have registered as Summer Holiday English Programme (SHEP) students for the July 2007 and August 2007 sessions. These students who are mainly from Taiwan and Saudi Arabia are here to undergo our English language course for at least 2 months. Consequently, all of them are placed in various levels based on their proficiency. As for the younger students aged 9 – 12, a special class that is the Young Learners’ English (YLE) is provided for them. In this class they not only learn English but also arts and crafts as well as other fun activities run by experienced teachers.

In addition, for this programme, the ELS management and teachers have recently threw a welcoming session for the students. The aim of the session was to encourage the students to make new friends and to feel more at home. During the engaging session, all of the students who turned up were treated to a session of songs, games, token presentation, refreshments and photo sessions. Each student was presented with an ELS goodie bag. In each bag, the students received assorted stationery items, Just English (Explorer) magazines and ELS t-shirts. It was such a reward to see the look of joy and appreciation on their happy faces after receiving the tokens from ELS.

Not only that, students who participated in the games planned by the teachers were also presented with gifts when they won the games. It was fun and laughter everywhere as everyone tried to get a place to sit during the musical chair session. Throughout the whole session, the latest songs were played for their entertainment and later they were treated to light refreshments of assorted local fruits, cakes and iced drinks.

As closure, the students were treated to a photo session whereby the photos would be e-mailed to them upon request. This service is provided for them at no cost at all. The purpose is so they can have something to show their family back home. It also serves as something to remember ELS by once they leave the centre when summer ends.

Overall, everyone had fun and made new friends during the welcoming session. Thanks to the dedicated teachers and ELS management staff, the session not only brought the students closer, it also showed them the meaning of Malaysian hospitality and how it feels to be a guest in this friendly and colourful country.