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ELS KL Summer Celebration

The month of July marks the commencement of the summer holidays for students and scholars alike in such Middle-Eastern countries as Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The holiday break, which is typically of three months duration, sparks off a flurry of tourist activity that begins in the sun-dazzled kingdoms and republics of the Gulf region and makes it way to the favored holiday destinations of Indonesia, Malaysia and elsewhere.

ELS KL Summer Celebration

The opportunity to travel is not, however, just about fun and games under the tropical sun of Southeast Asia. Scores of Middle-Eastern students jet their way to Malaysia to bone up on their English in academic institutions specializing in the language. One such institution just happens to be ELS Language Centres Malaysia, the Kuala Lumpur branch in the heart of the capital attracting no less than 240 holidaying students.

ELS KL Summer Celebration

To welcome their eager guests, among whom were several familiar faces – students ‘returning’ for another spell with ELS, the Management and staff of the KL centre threw open their entire third floor and treated the wide-eyed youngsters – and the not-so-young among them – to a fun-filled afternoon of culturally enriching activities which afforded the students a unique opportunity to meet and chat with both local and expatriate English instructors. To cap off the festivities, a mouth-watering all-Malaysian high tea (more of a full-scale lunch according to not just a few of the tourists!) had been prepared for the visitors by a well-known local caterer.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and, in keeping with this somewhat dubious adage, the welcoming function for the visiting students drew to a close with a final word of thanks form the management of ELS Kuala Lumpur.

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