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On the 12th of July 2013, ELS Subang Jaya had an exciting sports carnival at the common park opposite the center. This was the first time in many months that ELS Subang Jaya had a sports carnival, so everyone was excited and looking forward to participating in this activity.

The event started at 12.30 pm and lasted for slightly above an hour. Almost all the teachers joined in the event as well, including the Academic Director, Ms. Yvonne, and the Centre Director, Mrs. Wensan. Approximately 30 students joined in the games. They were divided into groups of 5 which had to compete against each other in the games. There were about 5 games in total, which were field bowling, running with the ping pong ball on the spoon, passing the water balloon, finding the sweet in the flour, and taking coins out of a pail using a spoon. Everyone had fun with the games.

At the conclusion of the event, prizes were given out to the top 3 teams with the highest points. The champion for the event was Team Firepower, who was headed by Teacher Gabriel. After that, a group photograph was taken. Everyone went back with fond memories of the activity.