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sa_elspj1.jpgThe morning of Friday, 13 September 2007 saw the ELS Petaling Jaya centre being decorated enthusiastically with bright green banners and buntings. Several International students from Saudi Arabia were proudly wearing their national costume. Each teacher and staff entering the premise was given a green or white garland to wear and the students also distributed pin-up tags displaying the words, ‘national day of Saudi Arabia’. It was indeed a happy occasion for the students and staff who posed for group photographs with their Saudi Arabian friends who were celebrating their national day away from home.

Before classes commenced, Saudi Arabian music could be heard in the background in the front-desk area. During lunch break and before going for their Friday prayers, the Saudi Arabian students could be seen exchanging greetings with each other. The effort put in by several ELS PJ Saudi Arabian students to liaise with their embassy in Kuala Lumpur to sponsor their national day celebrations, with their foreign friends in the centre, was indeed commendable.sa_elspj2.jpg

Some students had put in special effort to collect Arabian books of common interest and had put these together as a mini exhibition in one of the classrooms.

It was a joyful scenario at the LTC from 3.30 p.m. onwards. Everyone had gathered there to join their Saudi Arabian friends in their celebration. The organising committee had put in a lot of effort to make the occasion a success. There was a welcoming speech from one of the students. Saudi Arabian tea was served to the guests in traditional little cups. Dates and perfume from Saudi Arabia were also seen to be served to those present.

sa_elspj3.jpgIt was indeed interesting to watch the documentary film presentations which gave the audience an ‘eye-opening’ insight into life in Saudi Arabia. To know how educated women juggle their many roles in their everyday life in Saudi Arabia was indeed interesting. It was great to see the modern cities and how people live there.

The guest of honour for the day was Ms Cynthia Teoh. She gave a short but sweet message to the students before giving out souvenirs of appreciation to the organisers.

It was then a time for happy celebrations with plenty of Saudi Arabian food for everyone to enjoy. A spirit of warm friendship and merriment prevailed throughout the day at ELS PJ on that day!