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26 April 2013 was a very special graduation day in ELS JB. A VIP, Mr. Lasal from WWF Organization (World Wide Fund) in KL came to the centre to give us a talk about the WWF Organization. Before the talk started, we had an interesting activitiy. Each level had to create a pledge to save the earth and also create a fashionable accessory or outfit from recyclable materials. Everyone had a lot of fun doing this activity. After each level had finished students presented their pledge. After that, there was a fashion show, where students modeled the items they had made.

Mr. Lasal’s presentation followed. That was a great experience. We gained some knowledge, without learning in the class. For example, we were taught the difference between “Protected” & Total Protected”, when referring to animals. Besides this, we also understood more about the tiger and its habitat. Ecological protection isn’t an easy task; everyone has the responsibility to take care of our environment.

At the end Mr. Lasal gave us a quiz, making the atmosphere livelier. Everyone was very active trying to answer the questions. In the twinkling of an eye, 12 noon had already arrived. All the activities came to the end and I could feel that all the participants were eagerly looking forward to the next graduation.

Lim Sy An
104 Student April 2013
Overall Best Student