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On 21st May 2008, ELS Penang hosted its very own Guiness Records competition. Teacher Amelia and Mr Loo presented the fun-packed activities, as students from different levels vied for supremacy in ten different categories, some of which were very unusual!

Big Foot Winner - Ahmed Amehdawi

Larger-than-life Libyan Ahmed Amehdawi, of Level 103, proved to be the showstopper as he topped the following categories: The Broadest Thumb Nail, The Longest Ear Lobe, The Biggest Foot. He also shared first place for the Longest Little Toe with 102A’s Thai teenager Chayavit Suemanotham (a.k.a. Mr T!), Thai girl Nidjaree (Da) Avepronpanit (102B) and Saudi Arabia’s Almoghalliq Hussein Ali (104).

Inspired by this success, Mr T then continued his winning streak. What he lacked for in age, he made up for with the longest distance between his eyes!

Another affable Ahmed – Ahmed Alrifai of Level 104 – won The Widest Smile category. This shouldn’t have surprised anyone, as his sizzling Syrian smile was always beaming around ELS!

When The Longest Facial Hair category was announced, there was a roar of laughter from the audience, as Yemeni Salem Munassar (Level 101), with his fluffy, black beard, came out a clear winner!

The Tiniest Waist Winner - Joe Yang Hyeon

By contrast, the follicly-challenged Ali Saleh Ba Odhah (Level 102B) prevailed in The Shortest Hair category.

Korea’s Kim Ju Hyuk (101) and Malaysia’s very own Wong Jey Yuan (affectionately known as JY – Level 102B), broke the Arab-Thai stranglehold, by jointly claiming The Thickest Neck Category.

Not to be outdone, Level 106’s Joe Yang Hyeon then shocked everyone.
In a category associated with the fairer sex, the Korean teenager upstaged the girls by triumphing with The Tiniest Waist! He measured a svelte 23 inches, which any supermodel would be proud of!

Level 103 won the overall competition thanks to the feats of Ahmed Amehdawi but everyone was a winner on a day of great drama and excitement.

Let’s see if these records will be broken next year!