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8th Malaysia International Conference on English Language Teaching (MICELT) 2010

Malacca, 13 May 2010 – Key issues regarding the teaching of the English language have taken centre stage in the country as of late. Parties from various quarters have been offering different views on the approach of English language teaching, and the manner in which it should be taught. The Malaysia International Conference on English Language Teaching (MICELT) 2010, was an initiative between ELS Language Centres, Malaysia and University Putra Malaysia (UPM), that brought together English experts from all over the world to find solutions in addressing the issues of teaching the English language today. The conference was held at the Equatorial Hotel, Malacca, from the 11th to 13th May 2010.

MICELT was first organized in 1996, and has been a regular fixture among the English teaching fraternity for 15 years. MICELT 2010 continued its tradition of bringing world class speakers to its conference, with this year’s edition boasting speakers from nations such as the UK, the United States, Japan and Turkey. Apart from the main conference sessions, there were workshops and research paper presentations on various topics. ELS Malaysia ran its own teacher workshop series at the conference. Led by a team of experienced ELS trainers, the series offered insightful techniques of teaching English.

“From the first MICELT conference in 1996 until the present, we have been proud to work with our fellow educators in UPM and all over the world, to deliver an inspiring, stimulating and encouraging event to spur sharing, collaboration and development in English Language Teaching”, said Puan Sri Aishah Shamsuddin, Chairman of the Board of Governors, ELS Malaysia, who gave an opening speech at the conference.

Puan Sri Aishah further noted that English language teaching and learning needs to be relevant, especially in these times when the advent of internet technology through social media has made the world flat and borderless. It is vital for educators to realise how this phenomenon has impacted English language teaching, and how they can leverage it to their advantage.

ELS Malaysia has a good working partnership with UPM in its efforts to improve the standard of the English language on a national level. Apart from MICELT, ELS Malaysia has initiated the UPM-ELS Tun Dr Mahathir Scholarship Award with UPM, to assist fresh graduates with English language training for the job market. This year alone, there will be 100 scholarships worth more than RM500,000 awarded to successful applicants, to equip them for the workplace.

ELS Malaysia’s participation in this year’s MICELT conference also marks another milestone as it celebrates its 20th anniversary educating students in the English language. Throughout the years, it has put in place English programmes that have benefited not only local but international students as well, who have sought to improve their command of English.