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ELS Graduation Day

One of ELS Malaysia’s most endearing traditions is the end-of-session graduation ceremony, an event during which successful students in levels 103, 106 and 109 – the celebrated exit levels – receive certificates of proficiency attainment. The event is organized and hosted by a trio of instructors upon whom is also thrust the responsibility of a suitable theme to add colour to the occasion.

ELS Graduation Day

For the May 2008 graduation, the organizing committee decided to do things somewhat differently by asking the students of Level 109 to host the ceremony with the theme of Teachers’ Day as a backdrop and also run a few activities in accordance with the selected theme. True to 109 form, the entire class jumped at the opportunity to show their appreciation for all that their instructors had done for them during their stay with ELS.

The ceremony kicked off with a hilarious sketch based on the award-winning British comedy series, Mind your language, with the 109 students aping, among others, Mr. Brown, Ranjit and Ali. This was followed by a tongue-in-cheek tongue-twister contest with a twist: instructors only could participate – a truly unexpected twist – and the tongue-twisters were not in English, but in the native languages of the hosting students. For the students, both hosting and attending, it was sweet revenge – at its best!

ELS Graduation Day

Saving the best for last, the hosting students sang a song composed by one of their number in appreciation of their instructors from whom they had learned so much during the course of their studies in ELS. With the awarding of certificates completed, the graduation ceremony closed with yet another word of thanks to all instructors, lecturers and teachers everywhere for the invaluable contribution educators in all fields continue to make towards providing the nation they serve with tomorrow’s leaders.

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