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Fun and Laughter!

ELS JB November Graduation!

The November graduation in ELS was a fulfilling and wonderful day. Teacher Jamuna and the 105 students had been planning the activities since the first week of the November session. We gave a brief introduction to all the students before the graduation day. Everything went smoothly, but the main thing that worried us was the attendance because the graduation day was on the day after a one-day holiday.

Luckily, almost all of the students came on that day. The 105 students came earlier and we discussed the order of the events. There were a number of activities on that day such as “Sketching a Portrait”, “Juggling Paper Balls”, “Building a Skyscraper” and some more activities to share our talents. We felt anxious because it was the first time we talked in front of a large group of people.

It was a hard day for us because it was not an easy task. We had to give the instructions for each activity and handle the situation at the same time. We needed to make sure students understood and followed our instructions. Fortunately, they gave us full cooperation on that day. The graduation gave us a chance to improve our English and also it was a good opportunity to learn how to organize and conduct an activity.

The graduation was brought to an end with the prize giving. All the winners received their prizes with a big smile on their faces when they were declared the lucky winners. The teacher loudly announced the names of the “Best Students” in each level and the overall “Best Student”. They were given awards for their outstanding achievements. The biggest present for all the students on the graduation day was what they had learned and how they had improved in a month.

Goh Yuet Pei
Level 105 November 2012
Best Student Level 105