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What a nice, charming and fabulous graduation I had on June 25th 2013. The main idea for this graduation was to celebrate different aspects, such as the language, the traditional clothes and some common games of certain cultures. On that morning, I was shocked because I saw the phrase “Welcome” written in many different languages pasted on the walls. It was quite fun to walk around and see how beautiful all these phrases were. Soon after that, all the students started to enter different “countries” class by class. Each class had some students presenting about their culture or a culture they were interested in. They gave information about some of the habits and customs of that country. Actually, there are no words to describe the beauty of all those cultures. Everyone had a lot of fun doing the activities which were prepared by the students. Not only did we have a lot of fun, but we also gained some knowledge. We learnt how some cultures dance and the way they cook their food and so on. After we got our results, I could see the enthusiasm in the students’ eyes looking forward to attending the next graduation.

Prepared by Abdulelah Nabil Salem Ba-Salah
Overall Best Student
June session 2013