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On Sunday, September 1, a total of 5 Japanese students and 2 ELS Subang Jaya teachers went to Malacca for a simple tour around the historical city. The journey to Malacca began after all students and teachers were fetched from Casa Tiara Apartment, the meeting point, at 9 a.m. The first destination was the Malacca Botanical Garden. After that, they went to the famous Jonker Walk to buy souvenirs for their friends and had the famous Nyonya Chicken Riceball for lunch. They continued their tour by visiting the Samudera Museum and Maritime Museum. Next, the group went for a river cruise which they travelled along Malacca River for a few kilometres. They had the opportunity to learn the cultures and traditions of Malacca through the arts drawn by the local university students on the buildings along the river sides. They spent almost an hour on the boat and then they continued the tour by visiting the A’ Famosa Fort. After spending some time there, they went to the famous landmark of Malacca, the Taming Sari Tower. They were charged RM20 per person to ride the first revolving gyro tower in Malaysia and they enjoyed the ride very much. The tower was the last stop for the tour. The feedback that we received from the students were good and encouraging, despite the long hours getting stuck in a very heavy traffic jam during the journey back home to Subang Jaya.