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Lion Troupe at ELS Petaling Jaya

From the ELS’ tagline “We Teach English to the World”, one can immediately spot that ELS is an English language centre. But what goes on at ELS, Petaling Jaya is more than just classroom learning. Here, we expose students to the cultural part of life, too.

Recently students in ELS were entertained by a Lion Dance Troupe in light of the Chinese New Year celebrations. The Lion dance is a common feature during Chinese New Year. The lion dance troupe blessed every level of the centre because it is a popular belief that the loud beats of the drum and the deafening sounds of the cymbals together with the face of the Lion dancing aggressively can expel bad or evil spirits from the place.

Many of the students especially those from the Middle Eastern region found the experience very different and exhilarating. Even students from mainland China itself found the experience to be quite different from how things are done back in their country. The students were also treated to mandarin oranges by the centre to spread prosperity and goodwill.

Well, the fun and learning doesn’t stop here. At the end of every session, a Graduation Ceremony is held for the exit level students. Students plan and perform according to varying themes every month for Graduation. This not only gives them the needed exposure but also helps them in honing their language and interpersonal skills. The decorations put up for the graduation also change according to the themes to heighten the mood and excitement of the event. Students and teachers from various cultural backgrounds work hand in hand to make every graduation special in its own way. This is yet another way ELS provides a platform for racial and cultural integration.

Besides being a melting pot of cultural fusion, ELS is also registered and certified as a TOEFL-IBT test centre and ELS, Petaling Jaya offers the test taking service for those who choose the convenience of online testing. Tests are usually run on weekends.

Those interested in enhancing their English skills but do not have the luxury of time, can attend our 2 day workshops on highly relevant topics such as Powerful Presentations, Grammar in Business Writing, Effective Business Writing and Test Taking Strategies for IELTS and TOEFL.