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Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese. It means bidding farewell to the old and wishing in the new. It is also probably the only chance for our family to be together. There are many special activities and customs during Chinese New Year such as setting off fire crackers, wearing red clothes and eating traditional food. One of the representative activities of Chinese New Year is the Lion Dance, and I saw it when I was in ELS JB centre last month.

On the 22 February 2013, ELS invited a local lion dance group to perform a lion dance. In fact the Chinese believe that the lion dance will bring prosperity and get rid of the evil. At around 11:00am, we were told to put aside our things and gather outside of our class. After awhile, we were attracted by the beat of the drums and we knew that it meant the lion dance was starting. Everyone tried to squeeze forward in order to see their performance. The lion in red was operated by two people and they started to dance here and there. First, it went to the offices and LTC area. Then it went to every classroom. We Chinese believe that the ‘lion’ will bring blessings and this will help us to pass our exams. Everyone was very excited when watching the performance and touching the ‘lion’. I wonder if the ‘lion’ was male since it only got close to the girls! After we enjoyed the outstanding performance, we showed our appreciation with thunderous applause. Everyone tried to take some pictures with the ‘lion’. Then we took photographs according to our level. After that, we went home joyously.

The lion dance really impressed me and it has become a part of my sweet memories of my time in ELS JB.

Huily Woon Huier
Level 103 Best Student
1302 Session