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Photo of participants show off their scholarship certificates

Petaling Jaya, 25 March 2010 – Malaysia’s premier English learning centre, ELS Language Centres has partnered with the US Embassy to conduct the famous ACCESS Microscholarship Program to promote English language learning among Malaysian youths. The program will see 80 students from four schools within Klang Valley to participate in a two-year program where they will hone and enhance their English language skills. The program will start on 30 March 2010.

Mr.Douglas Fraser, Ms.Marrie Schaefer, Mr. Nicholas PappDouglas Frase ( Centre Director of ELS Language Centres, Petaling Jaya ), Ms.Marrie Schaefer ( Counselor for Public Affairs,US Embassy ), Mr. Nicholas Papp ( Cultural Affairs Officer, US Embassy )

The ACCESS Microscholarship Program caters to 14-18 year old students who are eager to learn the English language. Students will be exposed to the widest breadth in English language learning stretching from conversation lessons, reading and writing, speaking and utilizing multimedia tools to develop and reinforce English language skills.

Students will receive English training throughout the year for a total of 120 hours (2 hours per lesson, 2 lessons per week). The aim of this course is to improve the general English proficiency of the students using the ELS teaching methodology and materials. Lessons will be conducted by qualified and experienced ELS teachers, and administered by its Curriculum and Training Unit. With this programme, students preparing for SPM/PMR exams will benefit from its strong focus in strengthening their foundation in the English language.

A recruitment process was put in place to ensure deserving students get the chance to participate in the program. With the recommendations by principals of the selected schools, shortlisted candidates were given a placement test and interviewed by ELS’s panel of interviewers.

This programme initiated by the US Embassy was established in 2004 and since its inception; has impacted more than 44,000 students worldwide in more than 55 countries. It was introduced to Malaysia in 2009 where 60 students from the Aman Islamic Secondary School in Kelantan benefitted from the programme. Through this partnership, ELS Language Centres will jointly cover the two-year tuition fees, transportation and meals for the academic years, 2010-2012.

“The ACCESS program is one of our continuous initiatives to build the awareness of how important an excellent command of the English language is to build a platform for academic or career purposes. We are pleased to embark on this long term initiative to equip the Malaysian youths with skills to help them be more competitive in the global arena. We are committed with the US Embassy to make this program a success” said Vice President of Operations, ELS Language Centres, Mr. Robert Brander.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with ELS and launching the ACCESS program together this week in Kuala Lumpur,” said Public Affairs Counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Marrie Schaefer, “The two years of part time instruction these young people will provide a proven and effective boost of their English language skills.”

Photo of ACCESS Microscholarship eventsPhoto of ACCESS Microscholarship eventsPhoto of ACCESS Microscholarship eventsPhoto of ACCESS Microscholarship eventsPhoto of ACCESS Microscholarship eventsPhoto of ACCESS Microscholarship eventsPhoto of ACCESS Microscholarship eventsPhoto of ACCESS Microscholarship events