ELS KLCC’s July Graduation!

The month of July is marked as the month of Summer for ELS KLCC. Committee members of this month are responsible to prepare interesting activities related to the theme. The activities were Summer Scenery Colouring Contest for non-exit levels students whereas the exit levels were given a few specific topics to perform which were related to the Theme. The topics were Summer dance and Summer skit. Furthermore, students were informed to wear their favourite attire according to the theme. There were two students who were awarded for the Best Attire and the Best Colouring Contest.

Apart from this successful event, the graduation ceremony which happened on Friday 29 July was considered as another success for ELS KLCC. Students and teachers had a massive fun time during the ceremony. The exit levels students performed beautifully and made the whole crowd including teachers felt excited and astonished with few of the students’ acts in the skits. Basically, everyone had a massive fun time and they enjoyed during the ceremony. At the end theceremony ended with hugs, smiles, and mixed feelings of leaving ELS especially for the 109 students.

Prepared by,

Janice Francina Gimbad

Sharonjit Kaur

(Committee Members of July 2011, ELS KLCC)