September 2013

Ask for the moon

Definition: To make outlandish requests or demands for something.
Example: “She’s asking for the moon, and she’s not going to get it.”

Moon something away

Definition: To waste time pining or grieving.
Example: “You have mooned away half the year. Now pull yourself together!”

Moon about someone or something

Definition: To pine or grieve about someone or something.
Example: “Stop mooning about your cat. Cats always come back eventually.”

Promise the moon (to someone)

Definition: To make extravagant promises to someone.
Example: “Bill will promise you the moon, but he won’t live up to his promises.”

Think someone hung the moon

Definition: To think someone is perfect.
Example: “Joe won’t listen to any complaints about Mary. He thinks she hung the moon.”

Cry for the moon

Definition: To want something that is not possible.
Example: “There’s no point hoping for a permanent peace in the area. It’s like asking for the moon.”

Be over the moon

Definition: To be extremely pleased about something.
Example: “Marie got the job. She’s over the moon.”

Many moons ago

Definition: A long time ago.
Example: “I only have the faintest memory of that time. It all happened many moons ago.”

Once in a blue moon

Definition: Very rarely.
Example: “My sister lives in Alaska, so I only get to see her once in a blue moon.”

Reach for the moon

Definition: To try to achieve something that is very difficult.
Example: “If you want success, you have to reach for the moon.”

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